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Mrs Allsop/Mrs Smith

Please feel free to email us should you have any questions during this time.

Staying in is the new going out... an idea for over the weekend (and beyond)!


As we are all stopping in, we thought we’d share a field trip idea for us to share. There’s no task. If you wish to chat about it, visit the Chatty Space blog on Purple Mash. There’ll hopefully be a new one each weekend.


Edinburgh Zoo has live video feeds on a number of its enclosures, including the pandas, penguins, rockhopper penguin, tigers and koalas.

The live webcams are available to watch via the Edinburgh Zoo website

The Zoo has advised viewers to visit its YouTube channel or its Facebook page if they cannot access the webcam feed.

Some areas of the enclosures are out of view of the cameras, and to be patient if there are currently no animals on view.

Suggested tasks for today

PE this week will be available at 9am everyday on YouTube from The Body Coach TV.  There are also some children's exercise videos here.


White Rose Maths (which we use in school) are producing daily videos, tasks and answer sheets which you can access at: There is an activity for each day this week and more will be added each week.


We know how much many of you enjoy reading David Walliams. The World of David Williams is releasing an audio story from The World’s Worst Children every day for the next 30 days. Head to the link below each day for the latest story. After you have finished listening, get creative.  Remember you can use any tool on Purple Mash or work offline in your exercise books. If you want to show it us, then you could also photograph it and email it to me (Mrs Smith) 


Plus there's a ttrockstars battle set up between us and Mr Gruffydd's class- we're losing at the moment. We need reinforcements. 



Ongoing learning and activities


Things you can be doing to keep busy and to keep those brain muscles working:

  • ed shed- (spelling and maths shed)- logins are stuck into the exercise book that you have been givenAssignments will be set that you may need to play before it goes back to the choice screen.
  • tt rockstars-  battles will be set between classes to add variety and remember you can challenge each other
  • Y3/4 spelling words – these have been sent home already
  • Read stories of your choice - remember to keep finding out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Log them in your exercise book. A book review format is set as an ongoing 2do on Purple Mash.
  • Darkness of Dragons - remember there is a blog facility to discuss this with each other on Purple Mash.
  • Project - take the time away to complete a project on a subject of your choice. The outcome is up to you. If it is written, please remember the joins, spelling and punctuation. However, it can be creative e.g. a model, sculpture, painting, PowerPoint presentation etc... If you want to you could share this when we return.
  • Here is a link to a KS2 Activity Booklet which you may want to access. Scroll down the webpage and choose the KS2 booklet. If you do some of the activities you could complete them in your exercise book:  
  • have announced that all their children’s audio books are free to listen to. The best section for you is ‘Elementary’.  
  • Gareth Metcalfe will be delivering tutorials every day for different year groups. We use his 'I See Maths' resources regularly in school and they are a valuable resource. Follow the link below to see the timetable for the week. There are also other videos from previous tutorials as well.
  • You can access a huge range of resources on The school closure code granting free use for a month for the UK is UKTWINKLHELPS

  • Newsround is a great resource to help you explain things to your child and keep up to date with other world and local news. 



Now school has closed for many of you, a social blog has been added to Purple Mash.  Please feel free to use this to keep in touch with your classmates.  It will also be used for whole class feedback for 2do tasks. Please read the information post at the top of the blog for further details.