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Where I Live

As part of our learning about where we live we enjoyed the walk to the post office to post the letters which we had written. It was a long way but we looked at the houses along the way and some of us could talk about directions to our homes.


We bought stamps, posted our letters, then bought some biscuits for special snack on Friday!

Wear your Easter Bonnet!

The children wore their Easter bonnets with pride to Nursery today, and everyone who made one received a chocolate egg to enjoy. The winners received a big chocolate egg! Well done!

Stay And Read

It was good to see parents, grandparents and chidminders at our "stay and read" session. 

Reading with your child whilst they are young promotes a love of books, encourages their use of language, and is a lovely way to spend time together. Research says that children who are read to on a regular basis when they are young achieve well in school. So keep on reading!


We have enjoyed lots of role play about the emergency services. We had a visit from the police, and from Christine from St John's Ambulance. We have enjoyed learning about the important jobs that the police, fire service and ambulance service do.


Our Friends in Year 3

We had a visit from our friends in Year 3 this week. They came to tell us stories and they used puppets and props to make it really interesting.



After we had listened to their stories they stayed to play with us. We had lots of fun-and so did our Year 3 friends!

Outdoor Learning Week Winter 2016

It was a chilly week for our Outdoor Learning week,but that didn't stop us Going on a Bear Hunt!

First we went through the grass....


We chose sticks and grasses and leaves to make paintbrushes. Then we painted the grass.


After that we went through the river....splash splosh!

We looked in the pond for creatures and plants.


Then we squelched through the mud...

We stumbled and tripped through the forest....

...finding interesting patterns in our bark rubbings.


And we made it through the snowstorm before creating our own obstacle course which we had to go over, under and through.




Finally,of course, came the cave, which we built ourselves.


Let's hope we don't find a bear in there.....

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Welcome to our Nursery, on this windy day! And what are windy days good for? Flying kites of course! So...we made our kites and went out on the field to fly them.

In the afternoon Mr Martin joined us with a kite that he's had since he was 22!

Arctic Animal Yoga

We have been enjoying our Arctic Animal Yoga sessions in the hall.


We start with the Polar Bear...




Then it's the Reindeer...
After that it's the Arctic Fox...
Followed by the Snowy Owl...

Then the Walrus....


And finally the Seal...

We're Going on a.....Polar Bear Hunt!

Today we went out Polar Bear spotting. And we found some! Thanks to our binoculars we were able to spot the Polar Bears all over the school grounds! 

Outdoor Learning Week

We had great fun learning outside for the whole week. Can you spot us making hedgehogs? Or Autumn crowns? We made roly poly conker paintings too!


We made magic potions in our new mud kitchen, ran broomstick relay races, and hammered golf tees into pumpkins-a great excercise for little fingers!
At the end of the week some of our parents came to join us and find out what we had been learning. What a lovely way to end the half term!

Planting at the Park

Graham and the Friends of Stand Road Park invited us to go and help plant daffodil bulbs. Of course we said yes!

All that planting was thirsty work, so afterwards we went to the cafe for a well-earned drink and a biscuit, all provided for us by Graham and the Friends. The kind ladies in the cafe worked hard making us cups of tea and coffee. Thank you!
We even got to make our own daffodils, and then it was time for a play on the park.
We can't wait to go back in the Spring and see the daffodils. We were really proud to be involved in our local park in this way.

Super Day!

Today the Nursery wasn't full of children, but was full of....Superheroes!

And in the afternoon....
Which song did we dance to?
"Superman" of course!

The Egg!

An huge egg appeared on the roof of our school, right outside Mr Martin's office! The police came to investigate, and then we went to investigate too! We took photographs and drew pictures. How did it get there? What sort of creature laid an egg like that?

Elvis thought it had a "big, big dinosaur with big, big claws and big, big teeth" inside. Then he changed his mind and said maybe it had sweets inside, like a Kinder egg! Other children thought it had been laid by a very large bird, or even a dragon!

The egg disappears.....

Then the egg disappeared. Where had it gone? Some children thought it had hatched. Logan said he thought that a dragon had laid it's egg at our school "to show us what a dragon's egg looks like". We thought it even could have gone to the moon! Seth offered for his dad to bring a long ladder to go up and have a look.

We have made posters about the missing egg, then stuck them on the corridor so that everyone can read them.

If you have any information about the egg  please let us know!

It's good to be back!

As always we are having a fun time in our newly decorated Nursery. We are enjoying getting to know and looking after our new friends as we explore the Nursery together.

Muddy Mondays

On our first Muddy Monday of the year we read "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson, then went hunting for sticks. We used them to paint with.

The children enjoyed using the sticks to mark make with. Dip a stick in paint and have a go! Or even in water and "write" on the floor or the wall outside.