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February Outdoor Learning Week


We're going on a bear hunt.

We're going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day!

We're not scared.


We went on a bear hunt during our Outdoor Learning Week. First, we travelled through the long wavy grass and explored colour mixing  to create  different shades of green. We searched for different types of bears outside and then counted up the number of bears by using a tally chart. 


Next, we travelled through the deep cold river and explored our school pond to see what creatures live in there. We created different sounds in water and investigated which objects would float or sink. 


Then, we travelled through thick oozy mud and explored the different textures of wet and dry mud. The children said it felt 'squidgy', 'squashy', 'hard' and 'crumbly'. We also made fantastic 'mud bomb' artwork, inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock.


We then explored the big dark forest. We built a hotel for mini beasts using natural and man-made resources. We had lots of fun making bow and arrows using sticks, leaves and wool. We created bark rubbings and looked at the patterns we could see on the bark. 


We listened to Vivaldi's Four Season Winter music and 'We're walking in the air' from The Snowman movie, to create a swirling whirling snowstorm dance by making our own snowy streamers. We pretended the z-boards were sledges and with used them to travel down the 'snowy' hill. We used stopwatches to time each other and record how fast we travelled.


Finally, we built dens and pretended they were narrow gloomy caves. We also built an obstacle course and then retold the story by going over, under and through different objects. 


We certainly would love to go on a bear hunt again!

Thursday 11th February 2016 - Early Riders at Queens Park Sports Centre


We were all very excited to travel on a bus to the new Queens Park Sports Centre to compete in the Early Riders competition.  Back in November and December, we carried out our balance bike training in school. We practised moving and controlling our balance bikes. We learnt about how to be safe on our bikes. We also learnt to glide on our bikes and how to come to a stop safely. We had a fantastic morning riding the different balance bikes and trikes and watching the children from other schools compete.

A winter wonderland


We went on a winter welly walk to look for signs of winter. We noted that the leaves had fallen off the trees, some buds were beginning to grow and the ground was hard, crunchy and sparkly when we walked on it. We learnt about the need for warm winter clothing and we experimented with colour mixing and shading whilst painting hats and scarves. We learnt about the arctic and looked at how it was different to where we live. We used books and computers to find out information about polar bears and other arctic animals.

December 2015 - A wriggly nativity


The Reception and Nursery children were fantastic performing and singing in our Christmas play 'A wriggly nativity'. The children who had speaking parts were all superstars and were very brave standing up and speaking in front of the huge audience of mummies, daddies and family members. Mary's solo was beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye in the hall - fantastic job Evie!


We are very proud of you all. Well done and Merry Christmas!

Santa and his reindeer came to visit!

Still image for this video
Santa Claus made a special visit to our school today but look what his cheeky reindeer got up to whilst Santa was busy saying hello to all the children!

The gingerbread men have run away.....again!

Still image for this video
The gingerbread men have heard that the fox might be close to our school....
Run, run as fast as you can,
you can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Man!

The post man delivered a special letter to school yesterday. It was from the fox apologising for eating the gingerbread man!
The children have decided to forgive the fox and throw him a party to celebrate - it's a gingerbread party! We are very busy writing shopping lists, ingredient lists and invitations .....and not to forget baking lots of gingerbread men!

Outdoor Learning Week Day 4 - Halloween!

Outdoor Learning Week Day 3 - Using art to tell a story

Outdoor Learning Week Day 2 - Potions!

Outdoor Learning Week Day 2 - Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

Outdoor Learning Week Day 1 - Autumn

Our Superhero Day........what is your special power?


A strange object.... what could it be?

What kind of creature do you think has laid the egg?


Our Reception children, had some fantastic ideas...


'It's a blue dragon.'  'A colourful dragon.'  ' A big flying creature.' 'A lizard with a long tail.' 'A pterodactyl.' 'A t-rex.' 'A big fat owl.'


The police arrived to take notes and report the incident. A representative came from the Museum of Strange objects to take the egg away for investigations...

Our visit to the local library!

Settling into our new Reception class!