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Mrs Jones' recorded lessons

Draw along - tortoise

Draw along - camel

Draw along - Chinese dragon

A dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is on Friday 12th February.

Animal groups

Draw along - a teddy for PJ Day

Draw a teddy with Mrs Jones

Wellbeing Wave

Make a wellbeing wave and put it in your window. Send a photo of it to Mrs Jones and we can add it to the Home Learning page too!

Reversible and irreversible change

Chocolate and toast

How do we know so much about the Great Fire of London

Brief explanation of sources and eyewitness accounts, particularly John Evelyn and Samuel Pepys. When you have finished listening, please write your own eyewitness account of your day or week and then email it to Mrs Jones. You will be creating a primary source of your own!

Practical odd and even challenge

Predict if a number is odd or even and then make it to check!Here is a song to help you with your challenge.

Changing the state of matter through heating

NOTE: I when I talk about the temperature of a freezer I meant to say MINUS 4 - please correct this if you watch with your child.

How to make a Tudor house model

Tips and ideas for making your Tudor house.

The impact of the Great Fire of London

A discussion about the human impact of the Great Fire of London.

The 3 states of matter with Mrs Jones

A brief look at solids, liquids and gas.

The Great Fire of London Recap with Mrs Jones - Part 1

The Great Fire of London Recap with Mrs Jones - part 2