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Mrs Rawthore Year 3

Thursday 9th June 
Today we walked to Holmebrook Valley Park. We were there to learn Geography mapping skills. We learnt how to use a compass and used grid references on the map to locate places in the park.  We then drew maps, field pictures and conducted a survey on park use.  We learnt about the history of the area and how the land had changed use. It was a beautiful day to be in the park but rather warm as we walked home.

Friday 27th May
Today we went on a mini beast hunt! We used a pooter to collect different mini beasts and then presented our findings in a list, sketch, song, graph or table. 

Thursday 11th February
Today we went to nursery to perform our traditional story puppet shows. We then worked with nursery children encouraging them to learn.

We have been looking at a powerpoint about a ceramic painter Clarice Cliff. On our powerpoint we looked at designs of her paintings and facts about her. After that, we designed our own designs of Clarice. We chose bright colours to make our own Clarice Cliff plates to show that Clarice Cliff was both wild and elegant. I love her type of paintings because there bright and colourful.

Below is a document that tells you all that were doing this term and how you can help your child. 
On Monday 15th November we went to Kelham Island Industrial Museum to find out how Sheffield was affected by World War 2.  We dressed up as evacuees and learnt how the Sheffield factories were bombed because they made steel for the war.
Mark the puppet man came in to tell us all about making Healthy Choices.  He bought in Kevin the puppet and some other friends too.

Half our class performed our poem to the school for Poetry Day

Here is a copy of our poem.

As part of our topic on Dinosaurs, we practised being paleontologists by digging chocolate chips out of our cookies.  The chips represented the fossilized dinosaur bones and the cookie was the earth.  We then wrote about the job paleontologists do and how difficult it is.
Here we are chopping vegetables grown in our garden.  We made and ate Dig for Victory vegetable soup.
As part of our Design and technology we designed and made Lego models and discussed if their features were like our designs.  We also started drawing cross sectional drawings.