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Monday 6th July

What a good week we have had on EdShed - we are currently first place in the world rankings - an excellent effort well done. However, we need to keep going to maintain this position as over the weekend we went into first, slipped back into third and now back in first place. 

Sunday 5th July

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but I thought I would share with you what I did today. Today we went and visited a pick your own produce farm. We had a fantastic time picking strawberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants. We are definitely going back in the next few weeks to pick raspberries and podded peas. Here is the link to the farm if anyone fancies a visit: 

Friday 3rd July

Spelling shed = 2nd place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (3rd Owen, 4th Rose and 10th Matilda) 

Maths shed = 1st place, with 5 of our children in the top 10 (1st Owen, 2nd Rose, 3rd Zoe, 5th Paolo and 9th Elsie)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Well done we maintained our 2nd place on Spelling Shed - let's see if we can get first spot this week

Woo hoo! We maintained our 1st place on Maths Shed with an incredible score this week!

We maintained our 2nd spot this week on TT Rockstars


A special well done again to Rose and Owen who appeared in both top tens.

Wednesday 1st July

Jigsaw fun in this house, what a brilliant and complicated jigsaw 🧩 Well done πŸ‘ 

Monday 29th June

Ed Shed Challenge


It has been brought to my attention that our rankings for the World is 4th place - wow! Wouldn't it be great if we could get into the top 3? We need to work as a class together to make this happen - so who is up for the challenge? 

Sunday 28th June

I’ve made a curly wurly cake. I always lick the spoon and as my mum was giving it to me she wiped all over me. She said it was an accident but I don’t think so. I’ve started doing cross stitch and it’s very relaxing for me. We’ve made homemade pizza and they were delicious. We’ve planted some plants I chose the hanging basket. And finally our baby fish have arrived. We had 1000 baby fish and we will be very lucky if they all survive. They need to grow a lot more before they can go into our big pond.

Saturday 27th June

Spelling shed = 2nd place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (3rd Rose and 4th Owen) 

Maths shed = 1st place, with 4 of our children in the top 10 (1st Rose, 2nd Owen, 4th Zoe and 5th Elsie)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Well done we maintained our 2nd place on Spelling Shed

Woo hoo! We maintained our 1st place on Maths Shed again!

Brilliant - we have moved from 4th to equal 2nd on TT Rockstars


A special well done to Rose and Owen who appeared in both top tens.

Wednesday 24th June

Felicity and her family at the weekend went further a field and had a lovely walk over Burbage Edge - such beautiful scenery virtually on our door step. 

Friday 19th June

Spelling shed = 3rd place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (2nd Rose, 3rd Matilda and 7th Felicity) 

Maths shed = 1st place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (1st Rose and 2nd Owen)

TT Rockstars = 4th place


Well done we went from 3rd place to 2nd place on Spelling Shed

Woo hoo! We maintained our 1st place on Maths Shed again

Unfortunately we maintained our 4th place on TT Rockstars


A special well done to Rose who appeared in both top tens taking a 1st and 2nd place. 

Sunday 14th June

The weather hasn't been great this last week but I did try to get out and make the most of the dry spells. On one day we walked from our house, through Holmebrook to Linacre and back through Cutthorpe. I walked on footpaths I hadn't been on before so it was good to have an explore. There was a fantastic view over Chesterfield just as we came out of Linacre - the photo doesn't do it justice. 


This week Emily has been completing work on her Brownie take action badge. She decided to write letters to our neighbours for food donations, we set up a delivery point at our house with banners, posters and bunting. She has had a fantastic response with over 400 food donations, which we will be taking to the Chesterfield Community Food Hut. 


I had the exciting (!) task of jetting washing the patio this week - it is amazing how clean the patio looks now. 


Friday 12th June


Spelling shed = 3rd place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (3rd Rose, 4th Matilda and 9th Felicity) 

Maths shed = 1st place, with 4 of our children in the top 10 (1st Daniel, 3rd Rose, 4th Paolo and 9th Owen)

TT Rockstars = 4th place


Well done we went from 5th place to 3rd place on Spelling Shed

Woo hoo! Maintained our 1st place on Maths Shed

Unfortunately we dropped from 2nd place to 4th place on TT Rockstars


A special well done to Rose who appeared in both top tens and Daniel who kept his 1st place status on Maths Shed 

Thursday 11th June

What an absolute heart felt and lovely message πŸ’– 


Still image for this video

Sunday 7th June

Wow! What a change in the weather β˜€οΈ to β˜”οΈ. At the beginning of the week I did a bit of gardening and I managed to cut back the wisteria on the front of the house, as it was starting to take over. 

This week we ventured away from Holmebrook and went to Queens Park, as you can see it was a very wet walk but we managed to see 7 baby goslings on the lake. We also went up to Walton Woods and saw the stone statues, a lot of time and effort goes into building these sculptures, they are made from stones and rocks that are in the river.


As it was a wet weekend we had a family movie afternoon and some bowling action on the Wii.  

Friday 5th June

Spelling shed = 5th place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (5th Felicity, 6th Matilda and 9th Filip) 

Maths shed = 1st place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (1st Daniel, 2nd Paolo and 6th Jay-Jay)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Well done on our 1st and 2nd places but let's see if we can improve our Spelling Shed place this week. 

Tuesday 2nd June

Lots of fun has been had in the household over the past few weeks. I love the table project - up cycling it into something that looks new. Fun in the paddling pool with the very large inflatables, making mug cakes and playing family board games. Plenty of outdoor exercise riding their bikes, practicing yoga poses and eating fresh rhubarb picked from the garden πŸ˜‹ Also making chocolate orange bites with fresh orange slices and the best bit about baking is licking the spoon. 

Sunday 31st May

What a lovely week weather wise, very hot πŸ₯΅ and sunny 😎. I hope you have all been getting out and enjoying the outdoors. We have made the most of the weather and had a few bbqs and had the paddling pool out for Emily, which she has loved. I’ve had time to sit in the sun and read my book. 

After the lovely photos that Kelsey sent last week of her walk round Linacre, we decided to venture up there on a walk and it was absolutely beautiful, well worth a visit. 

On Friday night I watched the mini concert Take That put on and it was brilliant (as you know I love πŸ’• them, especially Gary πŸ˜‰). 

I have been keeping up with my running πŸƒ‍♀️ but it has been very hot this week so I have found it a bit more challenging πŸ˜“. 

It was my brother’s birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³ this week so we got together via zoom and I hosted a countdown quiz, it was so much fun.

Friday 29th May

During 'lockdown' someone has learnt a new skill and has started knitting - these hats and scarves are amazing!

Sunday 24th May

This weekend we put the tent up in the back garden so Emily could complete her 'virtual brownie camp.' Emily and Mr Ross slept in the tent over night (not enough room for me! HaHa!). We lit the fire pit and toasted marshmallows and used the recipe to make campfire oranges - they were delicious. 


For the first time in 5 years our wisteria has flowers - hooray!! 


We had two very interesting walks this week. The first was round Holmebrook, you would be very proud of Mrs Ross I remained calm the whole time and there was a lot of deep breathing as a snake slithered across the path. I have no photographic evidence as I was in shock, but the markings and the size of it suggests it was an adder!! The second walk around Linacre, the find was much nicer - a family of mice. 

Spelling shed = 6th place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (7th Rose and 8th Felicity) 

Maths shed = 2nd place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (2nd Paolo)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Oh dear! Another place drop on Spelling Shed this week, let's see if we can improve our place this week.

Well done for maintaining our 2nd places for Maths Shed and TT Rockstars.

Friday 22nd May

Miss Herring has had a busy week, taking the dogs for lovely walks and coming across this shelter, building a radiator cover and installing it and baking a delicious milky air button cheesecake πŸ˜‹. The dogs had a bath this week and were learning to swim 🐢 


Still image for this video
I am loving this T-shirt, very apt for the current situation πŸ˜ƒ 
Kelsey has been on a lovely family walk round Linacre, they found some baby ducks and a robin with bright red chest. Remember this beautiful place is right on our doorstep and worth an explore. 

Sunday 17th May

On Thursday was all about filming for the weekly staff challenge - what was a 15 second video clip took about an hour to achieve! πŸ˜† Lots of fun and laughter was had filming this. 

Emily and I had a ‘living room disco’ and had lots of fun dancing and being silly! 

It was haircut time again for Mr Ross - it was more successful than the first haircut so I am getting better! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Spelling shed = 5th place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (9th and 10th) 

Maths shed = 2nd place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (3rd and 9th)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Oh dear! A big place drop on Spelling Shed last week, let's see if we can improve our place this week.

Well done for maintaining our 2nd places for Maths Shed and TT Rockstars.

Friday 15th May

What a busy and fun week this household have had! Completing the mass observation diary entry and designing a book token and entering the Book Token competition (see Multi-age activity folder to take part).

She made the sausage roll for V E day, it was huge! And apparently tasted amazing! They have been on family bike rides in Holmebrooke and making bracelets with beads.

Someone has been very creative here with Lego constructions and using an empty milk carton to create an elephant. 

Thursday 14th May

This one has been busy with the science investigations this week.

Changing states: Didn’t quite work. The egg popped. The egg felt weird after being in vinegar so long

Balloon kebabs - Was fun. The first 2 popped which made me jump. The 3rd one we found a weak spot. 
Expanding gases - Took awhile to rise. I had to keep heating the bottle and for longer for the balloon to rise in the cold water. 

Bright as a new penny - Must have been really dirty penny. It was still a little dirty after 48!

Weather balloon - Seems to be accurate so far

Scared pepper and invisible ink - The invisible ink didn’t quite work out. I don’t think you can see what my message said. The scared pepper was fun to do.

Monday 11th May

What a lovely week, we all seem to have had!


My week started off quiet, home-schooling Emily, completing school work and going into school for the key worker children. During the week we did some preparation for VE day, we made bunting to put in the window with our Union Jack flag and baked cakes for our afternoon tea party on Friday. The favourite cake we baked out of the three was the chocolate fudge cake (I've added the recipe to the folder).The weather was perfect for VE day. 


On Sunday, we were supposed to go to Harry Potter World as one of Emily's birthday presents but obviously we couldn't, so instead we had a Harry Potter day, we watched two of the films, played Harry Potter Cluedo and Harry Potter Match It - it was a lovely family day. 

This little lovely has had a very busy week!  She has baked some butterfly buns, which were delicious, they look yummy πŸ˜‹.  The family had a street party to celebrate VE day and played with Archie the dog. They have also made a lasagne with homemade garlic bread, drawn a fantastic lion and had daily exercise on her bike.

This weekend we have celebrated VE Day by having a party on our front garden. We made bunting and played Vera Lynn’s hits from the blitz on mummy’s record player. My nana and grandad came to join us ensuring we kept our social distance. My other grandad came in his army best. He was a paratrooper and has visited many countries, from Cyprus to Malaya to the unrest in Northern Ireland. He looked very smart and got lots of clapping and cars pipping when he was walking to our house. We also had a virtual camp/sleepover for guides. We sat by the chimena with hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. It was lots of fun. 
Another fantastic VE street party celebration. Well done boys for wearing your scout uniform - you both look very smart. You also completed a Scout challenge of camp Tetris in your back garden. 

Sunday 10th May

Wow! Yet another fantastic week. We didn't quite manage a clean sweep but you achieved some impressive scores.

Spelling shed = 1st place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (2nd and 8th)

Maths shed = 2nd place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (2nd and 4th)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Keep up the hard work this week and let's see if we can grab another first place!

Saturday 9th May

Khi has helped his family transform his garden. They have used their time to make their garden a nicer place to be. They built planters using reclaimed bricks and planted fruit bushes and vegetable seeds.

Lots of yummy baking happening here, I particularly love the mini loaves. This week a scout meeting was held online to learn about different knots. Some home improvements to the garden, electricity was needed for the bottom of the garden but the cable had to be up high so the dog didn’t chew through the cable.


Still image for this video

Friday 8th May - VE day

The silver Cross was awarded to Kelsey’s Great Grandad, her mums Grandad. He was a very brave man and they are very proud of him. 

Weekly staff challenge... Lip sync battle. Head over to weekly challenge page to see other staff videos.


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May the fourth be with you!

This last week has been a bit quieter for me. On Monday we went for a walk through some woods, which had beautiful bluebells in, it was a sea of blue. On our walk we found a rope swing, which Emily thoroughly enjoyed playing on. 

This week Emily chose to bake a banana fudge cake - it was delicious πŸ˜‹ I have put the recipe in the recipe folder. 

This week, two of my runs I completed I donated money to charity. Last Sunday, should have been the London marathon, where every year thousands of pounds are donated to charities across the UK. As this hasn’t happened it was decided on Sunday was the 26/ 2.6 challenge so I ran and Mr Ross and Emily went on a bike ride, we all donated money to Ashgate Hospice. This week I was also nominated for the 5 challenge, run 5km, donate £5, nominate 5 friends. Exciting week on the running trainer front, my old trainers have finally given up on me so I have cracked out my new pair - they are great!


Craft wise me and Emily have been making different things out of aqua beads. On a walk round Holmebrook this week we fed the ducklings, they were like little balls of fluff! Also it was the end of the month so Emily had to submit her split challenge photo to see if she had improved across the month. 


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Friday 1st May

Wow! Well done on the class weekly challenge results, you must all be working hard to achieve these top places.


Spelling shed = 2nd place, with 2 of our children in the top 10 (4th and 8th)

Maths shed = 1st place, with 3 of our children in the top 10 (1st, 2nd and 6th)

TT Rockstars = 2nd place


Do you think we can make it a clean sweep of first place across the board for next week? 

Thursday 30th April

Wow! Again lots of learning new life skills here, mopping, hoovering and cooking loads of yummy treats like: baking bread, cheese scones, shortbread, cornflake tart, terry’s chocolate orange cheesecake and Easter egg cheesecake.
He has been learning about: the Spanish flu, which is nearly the same as covid-19, the solar system and the planets (he’s even made a model of the solar system out of salt dough).


Lots of exercising by completing bicycle rides, walking and doing tik tok dancing with his mum and brother. 

Wednesday 29th April

We have a true artist in our midst, just look at these fantastic sketches. The first and second sketch is a wolf/German shepherd, the third is a golden Retriever and the fourth is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Tuesday 28th April

Wow what a lovely week you’ve had! Helping her sister with her art project by collecting flowers and greenery whilst out exercising to make a collage. She’s planted sunflowers seeds, made chocolate flapjack πŸ˜‹ and did fancy dress Friday with joe wicks, dressed in her unicorn onesie. 

Monday 27th April

Week 5 of lockdown was another busy week. Last Monday, we dug out the front border and replanted some flowers that will attract bees and butterflies. Before cutting out all the daffodils 🌼 and muscari, I cut some and put in a vase. Obviously there was a tea break with cake 🍰! 

I  managed to bake again this week, trying out Bakewell cupcakes, I will put the recipe in the recipe section. We delivered these to Emily’s grandparents as a treat, making sure we left at the front door and waved from a safe distance. 

We have enjoyed regular reading sessions and sharing stories with each other. At Emily’s bedtime, we have been reading Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and during the day, Emily has been reading Tom Gates to us. 

Last Tuesday, on our daily exercise a bird decided to poo on Mr Ross’ t-shirt, it caused much laughter. It is supposed to be good luck if a bird poos on you, so we decided to play the euro millions and guess what ...... we won! A grand total of...... £2.10.


At the weekend we tidied the shed out, that was a mammoth task but it has now been cleared out, sorted through and reorganised back into the shed - let’s hope it stays tidy!


We have been trying to stay active and come up with different games to play in the back garden. This week we played a target point golf 🏌️‍♂️ game using the hose pipe, hoola hoop and plant pot. Can you come up with a game to play? 

This week Dr Bywaters set a staff challenge, not going to lie took me a while to recover after spinning so many times. See the weekly staff challenge tab on the main class page for everyone’s attempts πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† my attempt is below and on the staff challenge page. 


Still image for this video

Sunday 26th April

Miss Herring has been busy this week and has bought new furniture for her garden, a lovely seating area and a hammock, so we can blame her for the change in the weather that is about to come this week! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† She’s also enjoyed another bbq and has turned her skills to hairdressing! 


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Saturday 25th April 

Wow! Lots of exciting activities here, camping out in the garden ⛺️, water fights in the warm sunshine β˜€οΈ, helping prepare meals, a wonderful craft activity involving sequins and of course a bit of school work πŸ˜ƒ. 

Some beautiful cards have been made and sent to grandparents - I am sure when these were received there were lots of smiles and it made their day πŸ’“ 

Thursday 23rd April 

Sharing my absolute favourite biscuits with the dog and rocking a new pink dip dye hair - love it 😍 

Sunday 19th April 

Happy Sunday kids! It’s finally happened - we’ve embraced TikTok! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ 


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Saturday 18th April

What a lovely week we’ve had with the weather - I hope you’ve all been outside in your gardens and making the most of this weather β˜€οΈ we certainly have! Playing in the garden, eating outside, had a few bbqs and keeping on top of the gardening. Our sweet peas, cornflowers and beetroot are beginning to shoot through. 

I had two parcels through the post this week, which was quite exciting! Emily was inspired to do a jigsaw with seeing the ones, which had been completed this week. We completed a 3D Harry Potter jigsaw, I struggled slightly as it kept sending my eyes funny πŸ‘€! When we were looking in the shed the other day we found a remote control helicopter 🚁 that we’ve been playing with, it works better inside than outside. 

This week I went up to my mum’s to deliver her shopping and saw her from a safe distance and mum wore her mask 😷. It also came the time where I had to switch my teaching profession to become a hairdresser - Mr Ross’ hair needed cutting, it didn’t turn out too bad but I’m not sure he liked being vacuumed cleaned at the end!

VID-20200414-WA0005 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Thursday 16th April

When it is getting to the point you need a hairdresser but they are not open - what do you do? Ask the girls to do it! I think they missed a bit thought! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ 

During hair cut
During hair cut
Time for some colour
.....and a bit more!
Wednesday 15th April

Miss Herring has been busy this week too:

  • sorting and organising her dish clothes
  • completed a jigsaw puzzle of her dogs
  • completing daily exercise and going for walks
  • bbq in the sunshine 
  • hosted a family online quiz
  • enjoyed lots of Easter chocolate 
  • caught up on some reading

Someone else has had a busy and exciting week:
I've been busy baking scones and jam things! They were an experiment but turned out yummy.

I had a new bag so put some iron on transfers on it and stitched the buttons on.

We melted some old candles and made new ones.

I did a rainbow heart for my mum and the NHS and put it in our window.

We had an online easter bonnet competition with family and I made a chicken hat.

I've been in the garden playing games with dad and Margery the dog we made a flamingo fountain.

Some delicious homemade doggy treats have been baked for Lucy dog.
Also he has been learning the skills Mum does for her job - brave Mum!

Tuesday 14th April

What a busy week I have had, we seem to have done a lot as a family this week. To Emily’s delight we’ve not completed much school work and have done lots of Easter activities from decorating the Easter tree, to baking (again! A lot of running is happening to compensate all the cake 🍰 πŸ˜‚), to Easter craft, to an Easter egg hunt. As the weather has been so lovely this last week we’ve eaten outside quite a few times and had a few bbqs, which has been lovely β˜€οΈ. Emily is currently completing a split challenge with her dance school for April, how much she can improve through the month. We also make sure every Thursday night at 8pm we are outside clapping for the amazing NHS staff and key workers.

Monday 13th April


EdShed update:

* we have 1 child in the top 10 for Spelling

* we have 4 children in the top 10 for Maths

This is a drop in numbers in the top ten πŸ˜” let’s see if we can improve this.




* as a class we are top for Maths but dropped to 4th place for Spelling.


As a class let’s boost our spelling ranking this week and maintain our first place for maths.

Some fantastic jigsaws have been assembled here and some great TikTok videoing - lots of fun! 


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Saturday 11th April

Wow! Lots going on here - cooking, to growing, to supporting our wonderful NHS πŸ’– 

Friday 10th April

Happy Easter weekend my lovely lot πŸ’“ xx xx 


Still image for this video
Keeping active
Watching a bit of tele
Washing the pots
Bit of cooking
Pegging the washing out
Watering the plants
Recreating a photo
Emily playing dress up

Thursday 9th April

while you are off and have pets it is important that you are looking after and caring for them. Flash and Gordon the rabbits are having lots of cuddles and are been cleaned out regularly. Some fantastic science experiments have been happening too, they have had to happen outside due to their explosive nature!

Sunday 5th April

The birds are well and truly being looked after in this household. A fabulous bird table has been made! A camera is going to be placed inside so they can see if a bird decides to nest inside.

Saturday 4th April

With the weather being a bit cooler this week, I have been doing more jobs inside, catching up on housework, baking with Emily (a tea loaf and maple and pecan muffins), family games including Harry Potter Cluedo, which I’ve won twice now, making sure we get out for daily exercise so I’ve been back running this week. With Emily we’ve done some school work but we’ve been doing a lot of work on her gardening brownie badge. On Wednesday with the wonders of technology I face timed a group of my friends and we did a quiz together, which was lovely 😊 


Remember to keep sending me your photos and videos, I would love to see what you are doing, especially Easter egg hunts in the back garden, your Easter craft or anything else fun and exciting you are getting up to at home. 
Stay safe, stay well and stay home. Love Mrs Ross πŸ’• 

Thursday 2nd April

Now here is a fantastic idea for you to do - make a bird house/ feeder. How creative can you be with your design? When you have finished how many different species of bird are using it? What an imaginative idea - thank you!


Follow the photos below on how to make the bird feeder.

Wednesday 1st April
Miss Herring has been busy baking a cake and popping popcorn for a film afternoon, unfortunately the pan needed a good soak and wash after!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March


I have just been on EdShed and WOW! You have been busy bees.


* we have 5 children in the top 10 for Spelling

* we have 6 children in the top 10 for Maths




* as a class we are top (by a long way) for both Maths and Spelling leagues.


Keep up the amazing work. 

Some fantastic life skills happening here, gardening, washing and cooking. Along with writing a diary during ‘lockdown,’ something to reflect on in later life. 

Monday 30th March


Having fun making homemade pizzas - they look yummy! Spending time with the dogs and completing some school work. 

Busy in the garden, shredding branches and planting seeds. Also been completing school work and making beautiful rainbows to display in the window. 

Saturday 28th March


Morning kids! I hope you are all OK. Just thought I would put a few photos on of what I have been up to this week. We've been in the garden building A-frames for the veg patch - hopefully beans will grow up these! Made the most of the sunshine and ate ice-creams outside. Brownies set the challenge of designing and making top trumps - the theme she chose was snacks (chocolate, sweets and fruit), she made them on excel, printed them out and then we played to see if they worked - success! We've had a our daily exercise round Holmebrook, with my daughter on her bike and me and Mr Ross walking. Mother's Day was a bit different, we should have had a family meal at my brother's, with my mum but we had to cancel, I still had a lovely roast dinner though!


I hope you are all having some nice family moments together too. 

Love Mrs Ross xx xx   

Thursday 26th March

Lots of outdoor activities in the garden and saving bumble bees.

Friday 20th March:


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