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Mrs Ross Year 5/6

Fairground rides

To end our Physics topic on Electricity we designed and made model fairground rides. 



Story telling
On Friday 11th December students from Chesterfield College came to our school to tell stories. Year 5/6 enjoyed a performance of George's Marvellous Medicine.

Physics - Electricity


This week we have started our new topic on Electricity. In the first lesson we used different components to make simple circuits that would light a bulb. Then we had to complete some challenges by using diagrams to construct real life circuits. 

Greek Murder Mystery


Too round our Ancient Greek topic off we took part in a murder mystery game. We had to work in groups to look at and read evidence and listen to interviews with key suspects and witnesses. Using the evidence we gathered we then had to choose which suspect we thought was the murderer. 

Children In Need 2015


On Friday 13th November the whole school raised money for Children In Need 2015. Some of us wore pyjamas for the day, while others wore non-uniform. 

Our diary entries

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We are writing from the point of view of Daedalus who has secretly made wings from feathers and wax to escape King Minos' prison. His son Icarus is about to put on the wings and jump from a high window in the prison tower.


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October half term homework


Over the half term holiday we were set the challenge of making either a Medusa mask or a Medusa shield. As you can see we accepted the challenge and created some fantastic masks and shields. 

Investigating Towers


Today we climbed the tower at the 'Crooked Spire' church, visited Chesterfield Museum and completed practical design and build team challenges. 


In the morning we completed fieldwork activities at the 'Crooked Spire' and Chesterfield Museum. We had a tour up the narrow spiral staircase to the top of the tower. We paused in the bell ringing room where the Verger explained some of the history of the church, what happens in the tower and how it really became crooked! At the top of the tower we exited onto an external parapet, where we had fantastic views over Chesterfield and beyond. We then headed to the museum where we were able to see the original builders' windlass that was used to help build the church. this is the last surviving windlass used in construction of a church in the country. We learnt how the windlass was constructed and how it was actually used for construction of the church and the tower in particular. 


In the afternoon we used our knowledge from the morning to use Lego blocks and building techniques to build a strong tower to a specific design brief. We then used more Lego and other materials to design and build a pulley system that was able to lift an object from the bottom of the tower to the top. 

Big Draw Day with Year 4/ 5 and Year 5/ 6 


This year's theme for Big Draw day was 'Every picture tells a story.' In the morning we worked in our own classes to practise the skills we were going to need for the afternoon. The skills we had to practise were different mark making techniques that created a variety of effects e.g. clouds in the sky, grass, rock, gravel, moving water, still water and wooden planks.


In the afternoon we were split three ways, if you were with Mr Lemmey the theme was 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,' if you were with Mrs Allsop the theme was 'The Hobbit,' and if you were with Mrs Ross the theme was 'The Wind in the Willows.'


We had to use our mark making skills to create a scene from each book. We then cut the main characters out using tracing techniques. We worked in small groups creating parts of the scene that was then joined together to create the final picture.  



Photos from Mrs Ross' group

Outwood Grange Library Visit


Our class participated in a special activity afternoon developed by the librarians (Jo Hill and Sally Jones) and some pupils of Outwood Academy Newbold. 


The tasks were linked to our Ancient Greece topic. We made paper javelins, sampled Greek food and learnt more about Ancient Greek architecture, Gods and artwork. 

Ancient Greek theatre mask

In groups we have been working collaboratively to design and make Ancient Greek theatre masks. The masks are based on the Ancient Greek gods. We used Mod Roc for the base of the mask and then painted them. we then added details to the mask using a range of materials - feathers, sequins, ribbon, felt, buttons etc.

Our finished masks 

National Poetry Day


Today was National Poetry day. The theme this year was 'Light.' As a class we performed the poem - Festival Candles by Brenda Williams. 

Here is a copy of the poem for you to read.

Newspaper reports

From the egg discovery the children wrote newspaper articles to report the story. 

A strange object!


On Tuesday 6th October an unusual object appeared on the school roof - a very large egg! The police and Derbyshire County Council were soon on the scene. The National Museum of Strange objects from London sent a team of scientists to collect and analyse the egg. 

We are currently studying Ancient Greece. Here are a few websites for you to look at for information and interactive games to play.