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Muddy Monday

On Mondays we go into the school grounds, whatever the weather! The children learn all about nature and the seasons, as well as how to keep safe when crossing the road (the drive), and how to take risks as they climb and explore.

We have snack outside on Muddy Mondays-some fruit, our milk or water, and a biscuit 🍪

Monday 11th July 2022


Inspired by a story about a stick that was used in many ways, we explored all the things we could use a stick for. Pretend play is a great way for us to develop our imagination and use of language. Here you can see us using sticks as drums and tools. 

Friday 8th July

We used a long piece of wood for a slide. It was tricky to climb up to it but we kept on trying. Then we slid down backwards. 
We allow children to decide what they can and can’t do. In this way, they are managing their own risks.


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sliding again!

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and again!

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Monday 4th July 2022


Outdoors is a great place to learn maths skills. Today we used language to describe and compare different lengths as we built people using sticks. 

Monday 27th June 2022


Today we became artists! We mixed water and mud to paint with. We talked about the different textures we made and painted many shapes and patterns. 

Monday 20th June 2022


Today we learned how to make bubbles using our own bubble wands. We managed to make a huge bubble using a hula hoop. Popping the bubbles was fun! 

Monday 13th June 2022

We are reading the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Today we made binoculars and looked for the bear at camp! We told the story as we went along. 

Monday 23rd May 2022


Today we made our own instruments using things we could mostly find outdoors. We enjoyed playing our instruments whilst performing actions and singing songs. Learning songs and rhymes helps us to develop our language skills. Our teachers were very proud of us! 

Friday 20th May

We made Spring crowns. We enjoyed looking for different natural resources, and adding flowers for colour. We spent a long time carefully selecting the things we needed to make our crowns look amazing!


Friday 13th May

It was a morning of story telling and cooking! Some children decided that the den was the house of the three little pigs, and took it in turns to be the wolf. Other children were busy making chocolate cakes and tomato ketchup!

We took chalk to camp-a great mark making resource which can be used anywhere!

Monday 9th May

We listened to sounds all around us, then we made music using pots and pans. Some children had a go at being the conductor!

Friday 6th May

We filled a hole with water, which provided lots of exploration as the children stood in it, threw sticks in to make a splash, and mixed in mud and flowers to make potions and soups.

An older friend joined us, and taught us how to play Duck Duck Goose!

Monday 25th April

Today we found a new wooden house at camp. The house became a pizza parlour and an ice cream parlour as the children used their imagination, and natural resources to make food. 

Our new teacher friend, Miss Pollitt, loved playing too!

We noticed that the leaves are growing on the trees, and we spotted dandelions. We used them to decorate some pictures, threading them into little holes. Great for fine motor development!

Monday 4th April

As we continued to learn about Easter celebrations, we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, and some egg and spoon races!

Monday 28th March

We are starting to think about Easter and new life. Today we had some eggs to look after. We had to be gentle, and not drop them! We kept them warm, making homes and nests. We took turns looking after them.

We had some year 6 friends join us. They made a great den!

Monday 14th March

Today we talked about Spring. We noticed the sunshine, and talked about the flowers starting to grow.

We loved racing around camp, taking turns to say “ready, steady, go!”

We practised climbing up logs and branches, and enjoyed playing in the leaves.

We made our own little natural table at snack time. Great for chatting with friends ☺️

Monday 7th March

We had to look for the animals from The Gruffalo. We looked for the fox in his underground house, the owl in his tree top house, and the snake in his log pile house.

Monday 14th February

Love was in the air today as the children made love potions for Valentine’s Day ❤️
They added sticks, leaves and stones to water to mix the potions. Lots of sharing and taking turns, and discussions about what else to add. 
Then they had to decide who they wanted to drink the potion to make them fall in love 🥰


Love potions

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Love potions

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Monday 7th February

Today was all about climbing, balancing and taking a risk. We encourage children to take risks as they play and explore. Have a go! Sometimes we might fall, and sometimes we might decide that we can’t do it…yet. Taking risks develops resilience and confidence, and children solve their own problems as they play.

We found some different dens which we loved sitting in!

Monday 31st January

When the weather is windy…we make and fly kites!
By reacting to the weather and different activities we can do, children are learning about their natural environment, changes and seasons.

Monday 17th January 

We noticed that it was sunny today, but cold! We know that it’s Winter-the trees have no leaves and there is frost in the mornings.

Today there was lots of building going on. Some of us worked together to build a car...

Team work!

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Other friends enjoyed stick play and swinging...

Later we hunted for animals and recorded how many we found.

Monday 15th November

Some of our grown ups came to camp for a stay and play session. We showed them our favourite things to do!

Bumper car

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The children decided to make a bumper car with tyres and a log. Listen as they collaborate and communicate, and watch as they lift and roll, using those muscles! This is great play with open ended resources...we can make anything!

Monday 1st November

We scooped out pumpkins and investigated inside. We collected sticks and drummed on different surfaces, talking about the sounds they made. Then we built a bonfire 🔥. Later we hunted for the pumpkin 🎃 after Mrs Briddon gave us clues. We had to listen carefully to words like “behind”, underneath” and “on top” to work out where the pumpkin could be.

Monday 18th October

We have been learning about Autumn 🍂, about leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. We found some Autumn leaves to stick on our tree.

Monday 11th October

Young children love to den! There is something so exciting and special about a small space just for them. Dens can be anywhere, made of anything. The older children had made these, and our Nursery friends loved playing in them.

More pallet fun...

We take water to camp for the children to use. Here they created a deep puddle which they then used to paint the trees. A great way of developing those shoulder muscles whilst having lots of fun.

We took wool to camp, and the children used it to wrap around sticks, tie knots and get creative. So good for developing those little fingers!

Pieces of wood and logs became see saws today...or just somewhere to sit and laugh with a friend!

Monday 4th October

Pallets are a super, open-ended resources; they can be anything! Today they became a pirate ship! Look how the children are taking risks as they climb and balance. And developing their imagination as they become pirates at sea! 🏝⚓️

Monday 27th September


Rope swings! Not only great fun, but they also help to develop core control and upper body strength. We encourage the children to try to get on themselves, and use their bodies to get swinging.We have three swings, and they are always a popular activity!

These children found a ladder, and enjoyed dragging it around, working together and using their muscles.

Balancing act.

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The children created a walkway to balance on. Great turn taking too!