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Muddy Mondays!

On Mondays we go into the school grounds, whatever the weather! The children learn all about nature and the seasons, as well as how to keep safe when crossing the road (the drive), and how to take risks as they climb and explore.

We drew maps to show us how to get to camp...then followed them!

We played in the dens which the older children had built.

There’s still lots of love for the double swing...

Swing and sing

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Outdoor snack

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We love having snack at camp. Especially in the sunshine!

Sharing a swing

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The longer seat gives the opportunity for more than one child. Tricky to balance on-great for developing those tummy muscles!

Sharing a swing...part 2!

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Pots and Pans Orchestra

We used pots, pans and sticks to make loud and quiet sounds. The children had to watch the conductor!


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Fun in the Sun 🌞 

We took the train track to make tracks outdoors in the grass. We added natural resources to play dough to make patterns and pictures 🌱🌼

As always, we enjoyed stick play.


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Climb it!

The children enjoyed finding different ways of climbing onto the wall. Some used branches, or a bench. Lots of problem solving and helping each other. Getting down was tricky!

Helping hands

The children found a new swing which was tricky to get on! They helped each other, holding the swing for friends to have a go.

Whilst doing this, the children were problem solving, assessing and taking risks, and working together. A simple but very effective learning experience!

Jumping in muddy puddles!

Young children tend to be fascinated with water and puddles.

This week we found some brilliant puddles! We jumped, splashed, dropped things in, mixed, poked and built a bridge.

A muddy puddle...

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The children fetched sticks, pebbles, grass, flowers, rocks and mud to drop into the water. 

This week we used sticks to show how many children-2 tens and 7 more

We all planted a bean, and talked about what it will need to grow.

We loved painting on trees with muddy water. Great for developing our shoulder muscles!

And we generally enjoyed hanging around, building, and getting muddy!

Easter fun 🐣

We enjoyed searching for Easter chocolate lollies...and eating them!

We set up camp this week, and stayed for Welcome Time, snack, and story time.
Mrs Strong helped us to make a rope swing! It was great fun!

Rope swing!

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We created a butterfly with natural found resources.

A swirling, whirling snowstorm! 🌨

We used pots and pans to make the sounds of the bear hunt story

Squelch Squerch through the mud!

Splash Splosh through the river...

Hunting for the bear!🐻

Balancing skills

Collecting leaves

Making nests for hedgehogs

Autumn crowns