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*Music (Monday)

Week 1 - Famous English Music


Lesson 1 - English music, traditions, musicians and English music events




Traditional Music

Children Across The UK Sing The National Anthem Live

National anthem of the United Kingdom - God Save the Queen (lyrics)

England's Jerusalem - A Patriotic Song

Church Music 


You might have seen The Salvation Army Band in your town, village or city playing Christmas Carols

Bridal March

The Wedding March - Not an English composer but something you would hear in England regularly.

Popular Music 

Do you know any Beatles songs? They are famous in England for their music.

You don't have to think the same as friends or family members. You get to listen and decide for yourself whether you like music just like the children in the clip.

Ringo Starr, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Sing "Yellow Submarine" (Classroom Instruments)

Ringo Starr joins Jimmy and The Roots to perform the Beatles hit "Yellow Submarine" with classroom instruments.

Yellow Submarine is a famous song by 'The Beatles' - Try the singalong below.

Trailer - The Lion King

Look out for spectacular puppets.

Trailer - Matilda

Matilda The Musical - Backstage Tour

Take a peek in the orchestra pit

Trailer - Mary Poppins

Look out for lots of moving to music, energetic dance routines and the amazing costumes.

School of Rock the Musical

Listen out for guitars, drum kits and keyboards.

Each theatre has a pit where the orchestra sit. It is hidden from view

Here are the instruments you might expect to find in some of the theatres. There are lots in London.

Learn about the BBC Proms music festival

The Proms are concerts which are part of a big music festival. “Proms” is short for “Promenade Concerts”. The Proms are organized by the BBC, so they are called the “BBC Proms”. They take place in the Royal Albert Hall, in London from mid-July to mid-September every year.

Go behind the scenes with CBBC to see what happens at the Proms in The Royal Albert Hall.

Rule Britannia - At the End of the Proms

Glastonbury is a famous music festival in Somerset, England - What is there for kids?

They have also have a special area where kids can listen to different kinds of music.

Week 2 - Welsh Music


Lesson 1 - Traditional instruments, Welsh musicians, the Welsh language and the variety of music in Wales. 

Traditional music 

Welsh National Anthem Sung By Wynne Evans (the man in the 'Go Compare' advert) You may have heard this at the start of Rugby if your grown ups watch this on the telly.

The Welsh National Anthem sang by Welsh primary school children

Amazing Grace performed by Welsh singer Charlotte Church

Listen to a well known tune called 'Greensleeves' played on the tin whistle

Happy Birthday in Welsh - 'Penblwydd Hapus' - Listen to the tune or melody and sing the song in your head in English.

This is a harp. Listen to the end to hear its sound.

This is a special kind of harp called the Welsh Triple Harp.

Look closely at the strings where they join the wood. 

Can you see that it has 3 rows of strings. 


Listen to some Celtic Music by famous harpist Robin Huw Bowen - 'Llydaw'. Close your eyes and think about the tempo of the music. Is it fast or slow? Does the tempo change? Try stepping to the music - sway when it is slow or step from foot to foot and jog when it is fast.

Listen to a piece called 'Hunting Hedgehogs' ('Hela'r Draenog ' in Welsh) by a famous Welsh harpist called Robin Huw Bowen. Close your eyes. Is the music fast or slow? Is the music loud or quiet? What is the mood - happy, sad, calm, energetic, angry?

Listen to Moana on the tin whistle

This is a violin or fiddle - Listen to the end to hear its sound

Popular music 

Listen to the track below. Look at the lyrics underneath. What do you notice? (It is in a different language - Welsh)

Not everyone who lives in Wales speaks Welsh. Some children speak English, some speak Welsh and some speak both. Can you sing along to the Welsh version in English?

Jump around with your air guitar to some Rock Music by a Welsh group called Feeder. The song is called 'Buck Rogers'

Watch a clip from a Welsh Opera of the fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel'. Did you notice there aren't words. The story is told through the music. How did the music make you feel in the clip?

Watch BBC National Pioneers below