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We are going to be very busy this half term working on our Nativity play. We don’t want to give away too much about our play - Everyone Loves a Baby! - so there will be less on our topic page than usual. We are also spending a lot of time developing our drama skills and learning how to read a script. 



Our maths is heavily linked to topic so please check out our maths page too. 



We are going to have to make some props for our play. We decided to begin by investigating materials and how they can be changed. We also looked at whether changes were reversible or irreversible. 

We will use this knowledge when we select materials to make the props we will use on stage.



We we have to send invitations to some special guests to come and see our Nativity. We first thought about invitations we had received and what sort of information we would need. We created a success criteria as a class and then used this to write our own invitations. We decorated using the watercolour skills we learnt last week in art.


We thought about what Christmas really meant and wrote letter to Santa. Lots of us asked him to bring something for someone else, some of us asked for a happy Christmas for everyone!