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New Year 3s click here

Hello new year 3! I hope you are ok.

I know that moving classrooms and having a new teacher can seem a bit scary but I promise we will all be ok!

It is a big change for me too, so we can stick together and work through it with each other.

If you're not worried, then that's ok too!

You might have already met me, or seen me around school. I have enjoyed seeing and meeting you! 


I have set this page up for you so that you can find out some things that you might be thinking about. 

I have already started planning our learning for next year and I can tell you it's going to be fun and you will learn lots! 


So between now and September, please keep checking this page.

 I will keep updating it with information that I think you might want to know, as well as answer any questions for you that you might want to know. 

If you do have any questions for me, about anything at all, please write them down for me and you can hand them into your teacher to pass on to me.

OR you can ask your grown ups to email me with any questions.

I will write the answers on here for you! 



Please send your child in their PE kit on a Friday. Please dress for the weather as we will be outside as much as possible. 




Every other Monday depending on which group you child is in. Further information to follow. 


Questions and answers

1. Will we do GoNoodle? 

Yes! We all need a brain break. 


2. Will we draw? 

Yes. We will get plenty of time for art. 


3. How hard will maths and topic be? 

Learning in year 3 will be harder than before because it is new. As long as you have a good go, that is all that matters! 


4. Do we get marbles? 

No, but you can earn points and points = pom poms and pom poms = prizes. 


Pictures of the classroom