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Non screen ideas



For the stories I will use examples of the stories on the “Story and Sing” Nursery page,

but you can use any story!


  • Find your favourite story and share it with a grown up.
  • Read your story to your grown up. Don’t worry if you can’t read all the words! Tell the story from the pictures!
  • Dress up as your favourite character in the story and ask a grown up to ask you questions (we call this “hot seating”).Your grown up could ask you questions such as


-how you are feeling during a particular time in the story

-why you did something in the story

-what you did at some point during the story


Eg Hot seating “Sharing a Shell”

Pretend to be the crab. Your grown up could ask

“how did you feel when the gull was chasing you?”

“why didn’t you want to share your shell?”

“what else was in the rock pool with you?”

“what did you think when you saw that new shell?”

  • Read the story again and make up a different ending. Make it a sad ending, or a surprise ending. What else might happen in the story?

Eg “Hairy MaClarey’s Bone”-make up an ending where one of the other dogs gets the bone!


  • Act out parts of the story and video it


  • Make puppets with card and lolly sticks or just paper. Make a puppet show and act out the story

Eg make four owl puppets and act out “Owl Babies”

  • Make masks from the story and act out

Eg make dinosaur masks for “Dinosaur Roar” and be the different dinosaurs


  • Draw your favourite part of the story


  • On a walk or in the garden, find different places where you can be the different characters

Eg in the garden act out “It’s the Bear” with a picnic


  • Read stories in lots of different places! In the garden, in the bath-“There’s a Dinosaur in my Bath Tub” would be a good one here! Or “Barry the Fish with Fingers”!


  • Make a map of a story eg a map of where Hairy MaClarey goes on his walk.
  • Find things around the house and garden which relate to a story and make a story box or basket eg ten cuddly toys for “Ten in the Bed”, picnic items, a basket and a teddy for “It’s the Bear”, different dinosaurs for “Dinosaur Roar”, sticks, twigs and wood for “Everybody’s Welcome”


  • Make your own story book based on your favourite story


  • Be a character from a story and let your grown up guess who you are


  • Collect pebbles and paint them to make story stone characters