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Hello Nursery people!

For support over the summer holidays, and emergency contacts, please look at the Summer Holiday Support page on the main class page. My email is on there; however I will be taking some time off, so if you can't contact me please contact Mrs Martin or Dr Bywaters.

There will be ideas on there too to keep your little ones busy.

In September we will be welcoming all the Nursery children back. This will be for their usual Nursery hours. After three weeks the older Nursery children will join their Reception class, full time.

We can't wait to see you all back in Nursery!

Have a lovely Summer, and thank you for all your support.

You and your children are truly amazing!


Take care, and lots of love,

Sally, Karen, Rachael, Ellen and Jayne x

Helicopter Stories

Helicopter stories are a fabulous way to develop your child’s learning during their imaginative play. It encourages confidence, imagination, speaking and literacy skills. They learn that writing has a purpose and it’s an exciting tool to aid creativity!  Here is a link to how you can support Helicopter stories at home.....(Click on photo for link)

Government advice around supporting children age 2-4 years at home



REMEMBER...children learn by doing. Get your child involved in tasks around the home. This is great for life skills and learning! Chat with them as you "do" anything! Conversation ignites the language part of the brain. Please don't think that this time has to be all about numbers, letters and "school stuff"!
Ongoing learning and activities