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If you would like to contact Karen Strong you can email her at

Ellen Groves can be reached at

and Rachael Herrett can be emailled at

They are happy to give you or your little one a call too, if you email a number and find a good time for you both!


Please note-any photographs you would like uploading to the website need to be sent to me.

Thanks and keep in touch with us!

Sally x

Hello Nursery people and welcome to the summer term!  

I hope you're all ok.

Thank you so much for the emails and photographs-keep them coming. I love to see what you're all up to and that you're all safe and happy. I pass them on to Karen, Ellen, Ellie and Rachael too. Just as away of all staying connected.

I would like to offer you and your little one a telephone call, just to say hello. If this is something you would be interested in please email me at with your contact number and we can come up with a good time for a chat.

Please use the above email also to send photographs.

If you are in touch with other parents please tell them about the offer of a phone call. No pressure around this! I just want you to feel supported, and if you think it would help your child to have a chat with me I'm here.

Take care and stay safe

Love  Sally xx

Government advice around supporting children age 2-4 years at home



REMEMBER...children learn by doing. Get your child involved in tasks around the home. This is great for life skills and learning! Chat with them as you "do" anything! Conversation ignites the language part of the brain. Please don't think that this time has to be all about numbers, letters and "school stuff"!
Ongoing learning and activities