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Nursery Friends

Find out what your Nursery friends have been up to at home! Keep scrolling down to see them all.
Looking after Barry the dog.
Seaside fun with my big brother.
Busy writer
Lucky nanna!
Dinosaur nests
Sofa snacks
Yummy home made donuts!
An erupting volcano!
Running in the long grass...
...and falling!
Climbing trees.
Look,no hands!
Danish pastries-yum yum!
"Look Mummy, my crisp looks like a s"
Family fun in the rain!
Colouring Daddy's tattoo
Look how tall this beanstalk is!
My beanstalk now!
I am a robot!
I've learned to ride a bike!
River walking
Natural food!
Busy baker
Five little ducks went swimming one day...
Picnics in the sunshine
Fabulous small world play
How tall?!
More model aeroplanes!
Let's go fly a kite...
Me and my bro!
Working from home
Street party fun.
Clay play.
Getting muddy!
Making yummy things to eat.
Riding in the woods...
...and walking over bridges.
Hi there!
My big sister.
Mummy and me.
Helping to prepare tea!
Feeding the ducks
Beautiful chalk pictures
Making dens
Funny faces!
Careful writing
On the moors
Me and my family
An aeroplane engine!
VE Day!
Making houses.
Camping in the garden!
Hello up there!
Squirting grown ups is fun!
Happy Birthday to you!
Messy pizza!
Playdough fun.
My sandpit.
Paddling pool fun!
I like driving in my car.
Getting really good on my bike!
Hi there.
Riding high!
Fun on my bike.
I'm a rock n roll star!
Cuddles with my dog.
Making a sandwich.
Two little ducks..22!
Zooming around.
I make a great firefighter!
Working hard.
So cool!
Tricky jigsaws.
Our new home.
I'm 4 now!
Family walks.
Climbing trees.
Baking cakes.
The best bit!
Water play.
Jumping in puddles!
Save me some please!
Dinosaur pictures.
Great chalking!
Practising numbers.
Natural art.
Good concentrating!
Beautiful family portraits...
...complete with pet dinosaurs!
and writing!
Look at my beanstalk now!
Hi there!
Lovely hand printing with my big sister.
Hello from Dubai!
Ahoy there shipmates!
Concentrating hard.
Outdoor writing.
Ladybird,ladybird, fly away home...
Creating butterflies...and eating chocolate!
Beautiful sisters and butterflies.
Messy play.
Just chillin'!
Me and my big brother.
Family walks.
Zooming round the garden!
Lock down birthday.
Snuggles with my rabbit.
Superhero fun!
Pirate Anna!
Ordering numbers.
A rocket for Isaac.
Thank you NHS.
A lovely rainbow!
The great British bake-off!
Toy Story buns-yum yum!
Helping with Mummy's assembly.
My drawing on Pete McKee's YouTube gallery!
Football skills
Sharing an ice lolly.
Fun in the paddling pool.
Look at my number writing!
I'm so proud!
Superhero fun...
...and fights...
...and Daddy is the winner!
Outdoor painting.
An evening ride!
My beanstalk is as tall as me!
Fun in the garden with my big brother.
Balloon chalking.
Snuggles with Daddy.
Anyone for afternoon tea?
Daisy chains.
Throwing pebbles and making wishes.
A glamorous make-over!
Making a pretty rock garden.
My beanstalk!
Mummy and me.
Outdoor painting.
A huge bubble!
Fun in the hot tub.
Let's smash this!
A spot of shade bathing...
Pretty blossom.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Learning to ride my bike.
Dad's a good sport!
A pizza pyjama party.
I made yummy pizza!
Helping in the garden.
Soon you'll be climbing that beanstalk!
Playing in my sandpit.
A super ball rainbow!
"Working from home"
Yummy biscuits.
Look at this writing!
Scary faces!
A colourful painting!
Working on my painting skills.
Fun on our bikes.
Getting really good at drawing!'s a pamper day!
Helping with care packages.
A beautiful princess.
Walking with my Mummy and my brother.
Yum Yum!
Helping Daddy mow the lawn.
Beautiful butterfly.
Here's your receipt!
Teepee fun!
What a lovely idea for a picture.
Fancy dress PE with Joe.
A special friend called...
Making huge rainbows.
Dressing up.
I can type my name!
Baking with my big brother.
I love stories with Daddy!
Ready, steady, cook!
I made a toy rainbow!
Making model aeroplanes.
Having fun in the sun.
Scooter skills!
My cat Socks.
I made Easter buns!
I love to find big sticks!
Riding my Spiderman bike.
Drawing and writing.
PE with Joe with my big brother.
I'm having fun!
Baking yummy unicorn biscuits with Mummy.