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Nursery Friends

Find out what your Nursery friends have been up to at home! Keep scrolling down to see them all.
Picture 1 Feeding the ducks
Picture 2 Beautiful chalk pictures
Picture 3 Making dens
Picture 4 Funny faces!
Picture 5 Careful writing
Picture 6 On the moors
Picture 7 Me and my family
Picture 8 An aeroplane engine!
Picture 1 VE Day!
Picture 1 Making houses.
Picture 2 Camping in the garden!
Picture 1 Hello up there!
Picture 2 Squirting grown ups is fun!
Picture 1 Happy Birthday to you!
Picture 2 Messy pizza!
Picture 3 Playdough fun.
Picture 4 My sandpit.
Picture 1 Paddling pool fun!
Picture 2 I like driving in my car.
Picture 3 Getting really good on my bike!
Picture 1 Hi there.
Picture 2 Riding high!
Picture 3 Fun on my bike.
Picture 4 I'm a rock n roll star!
Picture 1 Cuddles with my dog.
Picture 2 Making a sandwich.
Picture 3 Two little ducks..22!
Picture 4 Bingo!
Picture 5 Zooming around.
Picture 6 I make a great firefighter!
Picture 1 Snuggles!
Picture 2 Working hard.
Picture 3 So cool!
Picture 4 Tricky jigsaws.
Picture 5 Our new home.
Picture 6 Hello!
Picture 1 I'm 4 now!
Picture 1 Family walks.
Picture 2 Climbing trees.
Picture 3 Baking cakes.
Picture 4 The best bit!
Picture 1 Water play.
Picture 2 Jumping in puddles!
Picture 3 Save me some please!
Picture 4 Dinosaur pictures.
Picture 5 Great chalking!
Picture 6 Practising numbers.
Picture 7 Natural art.
Picture 8 Good concentrating!
Picture 1 Beautiful family portraits...
Picture 2 ...complete with pet dinosaurs!
Picture 1 Counting...
Picture 2 and writing!
Picture 1 Look at my beanstalk now!
Picture 1 Hi there!
Picture 2 Lovely hand printing with my big sister.
Picture 3 Hello from Dubai!
Picture 1 Ahoy there shipmates!
Picture 2 Concentrating hard.
Picture 3 Outdoor writing.
Picture 1 Ladybird,ladybird, fly away home...
Picture 2 Creating butterflies...and eating chocolate!
Picture 3 Beautiful sisters and butterflies.
Picture 1 Messy play.
Picture 2 Just chillin'!
Picture 3 Me and my big brother.
Picture 4 Family walks.
Picture 1 Zooming round the garden!
Picture 2 Lock down birthday.
Picture 3 Snuggles with my rabbit.
Picture 4 Superhero fun!
Picture 1 Pirate Anna!
Picture 2 Ordering numbers.
Picture 1 Scary!
Picture 2 A rocket for Isaac.
Picture 1 Thank you NHS.
Picture 2 A lovely rainbow!
Picture 1 Hello!
Picture 1 The great British bake-off!
Picture 2 Toy Story buns-yum yum!
Picture 3 Helping with Mummy's assembly.
Picture 4 My drawing on Pete McKee's YouTube gallery!
Picture 1 Football skills
Picture 2 Sharing an ice lolly.
Picture 3 Fun in the paddling pool.
Picture 4 Zoom!
Picture 1 Look at my number writing!
Picture 2 I'm so proud!
Picture 1 Superhero fun...
Picture 2 ...and fights...
Picture 3 ...and Daddy is the winner!
Picture 1 Outdoor painting.
Picture 2 An evening ride!
Picture 3 My beanstalk is as tall as me!
Picture 1 Fun in the garden with my big brother.
Picture 1 Balloon chalking.
Picture 2 Snuggles with Daddy.
Picture 3 Anyone for afternoon tea?
Picture 4 Daisy chains.
Picture 1 Throwing pebbles and making wishes.
Picture 2 A glamorous make-over!
Picture 1 Making a pretty rock garden.
Picture 2 My beanstalk!
Picture 3 Mummy and me.
Picture 1 Outdoor painting.
Picture 2 A huge bubble!
Picture 3 Fun in the hot tub.
Picture 4 Let's smash this!
Picture 1 Fab!
Picture 2 A spot of shade bathing...
Picture 1 Pretty blossom.
Picture 2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Picture 3 Learning to ride my bike.
Picture 1 Dad's a good sport!
Picture 2 A pizza pyjama party.
Picture 3 I made yummy pizza!
Picture 1 Helping in the garden.
Picture 1 Soon you'll be climbing that beanstalk!
Picture 2 Playing in my sandpit.
Picture 1 A super ball rainbow!
Picture 2 "Working from home"
Picture 3 Yummy biscuits.
Picture 4 Look at this writing!
Picture 1 Scary faces!
Picture 1 A colourful painting!
Picture 2 Working on my painting skills.
Picture 1 Fun on our bikes.
Picture 2 Getting really good at drawing!
Picture 3's a pamper day!
Picture 4 Helping with care packages.
Picture 1 A beautiful princess.
Picture 2 Walking with my Mummy and my brother.
Picture 3 Yum Yum!
Picture 4 Helping Daddy mow the lawn.
Picture 1 Beautiful butterfly.
Picture 2 Here's your receipt!
Picture 3 Teepee fun!
Picture 4 What a lovely idea for a picture.
Picture 5 Fancy dress PE with Joe.
Picture 6 A special friend called...
Picture 1 Making huge rainbows.
Picture 1 Dressing up.
Picture 2 I can type my name!
Picture 1 Hello!
Picture 2 Baking with my big brother.
Picture 3 I love stories with Daddy!
Picture 4 Ready, steady, cook!
Picture 1 I made a toy rainbow!
Picture 2 Making model aeroplanes.
Picture 1 Having fun in the sun.
Picture 2 Scooter skills!
Picture 1 My cat Socks.
Picture 1 I made Easter buns!
Picture 1 I love to find big sticks!
Picture 2 Riding my Spiderman bike.
Picture 1 Drawing and writing.
Picture 2 PE with Joe with my big brother.
Picture 3 I'm having fun!
Picture 4 Baking yummy unicorn biscuits with Mummy.