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Nursery-Mrs Briddon

Picnic on the Park

We end the year with a picnic on Stand Road Park. The sun shone...and the ice cream van came. It was a lovely opportunity for us all to have fun and play together in the sunshine!

Thank you to Graham and the Friends of Stand Road Park for opening the cafe and providing drinks. We had a super day!

Grandparents' Day

It was lovely having our Grandparents in Nursery. They came to listen to us sing. We served them biscuits we had baked, and then released the butterflies we had grown from little caterpillars.

Outdoor Classroom Day

We had a great time on Outdoor Classroom Day! All the activities were based around the Bear Hunt-one of our favourite stories.

We painted sticks green and made a green the swishy swashy grass.
We squelched through the thick, oozy mud.
We went under, over and through...and had lots of fun!

Easter Fun

We enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt in the school grounds. The Easter bunny came early and left us lots of chocolate!


The Daffodils Have Grown....

We went again to Stand Road Park....and saw that the daffodil bulbs we planted have grown into beautiful daffodils!

We helped to scatter some wild flower seeds around the new wetland area.
We'll be back again in the Summer to see how these flowers have grown.

World Book Day

We had so much fun dressing up as characters from books and stories! Can you spot Wally anywhere...?

Well done to the ladybird (from "What The Ladybird Heard") and to Little Red Riding Hood. They won the best costume prizes and went to choose a book from the book fair.

Kung Hey Fat Choy

At the end of January we celebrated Chinese New Year. We used red and gold to make lanterns, and decorations and envelopes. We tried to pick up noodles with chopsticks, and we took our dragon around the school, wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday Millie!

As part of our "Celebrate!" theme we have been talking about birthdays. Millie the bear had her birthday this week, so we spent the week preparing.

We decorated sticks and made paper chains
We played hide and seek-Millie's favourite game!
And finally we decorated buns, had a party snack and played some party games.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning has been fun this week, outside in the fresh Autumnal weather.

We've been really busy!

Bug hunting and enticing spiders from holes in the wall...

Trying not to get tangled in a spider's web...
Making stick men....
And threading leaves...
Building bonfires...
Learning about Guy Fawkes....
Pretending to be fireworks, zooming and whizzing around the field...
And dogs! 

Happy Half Term!

What a super start to the new school year! We've welcomed some new friends into the Nursery, and had a wonderful time playing with them.

We've made faces from paper. using pens and glue, and even made them on the floor outside!

We've been practising with scissors (which is really tricky for little hands and fingers!)


And we've built some amazing structures! Blocks can be anything-inside and outside-and using them to construct with really helps us to be creative.
We've enjoyed playing outside, and as we've done this we've talked about the weather, and the seasons changing. We've taken turns on bikes and scooters, explored in the water, and been climbing and sliding. We've even collected conkers to use on the conker run we built!

We helped the Friends of Stand Road Park to plant daffodil bulbs. There were lots of bulbs, but everyone joined in. We'll go back in the Spring to see how they've grown.


Phew! What a busy half term!