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Picnic in the park

At the end of the year we have our annual Nursery picnic at Stand Road Park.

The rain held off long enough for us to have our picnic lunches, a play and an ice cream!

Sometimes in Nursery we will get messy...
And wet...

It’s all part of learning through play and exploring the world.

The day the ambulance came

As part of our topic on transport we had a visit from a new ambulance! James let us have a look in the back at all the equipment.

We even got to sit in the front where the driver sits!
Then James put the sirens and lights on. We learned that these tell other vehicles that the ambulance is coming and that it’s an emergency.
Thank you James for letting us look around the ambulances!

Anyone for tennis?

We enjoyed a tennis workshop as part of our active day. Charlie the tennis coach taught us some skills, like balancing the ball on our racquet, and trapping it underneath.


Drumming on World Book Day!

We enjoyed our drumming workshop with Tim. We used different instruments to copy the rhythms Tim made as he told us the story of Sammy the Spider.

We were dressed as characters for World Book Day. Can you spot Mary Poppins and Dennis the Menace?laugh

Stand Road Park

We once again met the Friends of Stand Road Park to help plant daffodil bulbs.

It was hard work planting 2000 bulbs! Afterwards there was time for a play on the park and some refreshments, provided by the lovely volunteers.

Big Draw Day

We looked at the work of the artist Keith Haring. We created paintings based on what we saw-it was fun drawing around each other to produce different body shapes!

Autumn Outdoor Learning Day

We enjoyed being outside for the day in the last week of term. Our Autumn themed Outdoor Learning Day included activities about hedgehogs, pumpkins and Autumn leaves.


Making hedgehogs...



Making magic wands...
Decorating Autumn crowns...
Carefully hammering golf tees into pumpkins...
And of course....eating hotdogs!

Welcome Back!

Hello...and welcome back to Nursery. Welcome especially to our new friends and parents who have joined the Nursery this term.

Look at all the fun we have been having!


Making and baking in the mud kitchen...



Writing, drawing, cutting and creating...


Climbing and sliding...