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Once There Were Giants

We are thinking about growing this term. We have read a beautiful book called ‘Once There Were Giants’ and this got us thinking about things that grow. We know that plants grow. We started by showing that we can understand what a plant is and how we know what is a plant and what is not a plant.
We looked carefully at plants to identify the different parts. We used this knowledge to label a diagram of a flower and a tree. 
We used what we had learnt to produce an observational watercolour painting of a flower. We used our brushes very carefully, making small strokes and adding colour to the painting slowly. We thought very carefully about the colours we would need to show what we could observe. 

We have been thinking all about how important team work is. We discovered we are part of lots of teams: our school, our class, our table groups, clubs such as Beavers and many more! We discussed how we can be an effective team member and how useful it is to work effectively in a team. 







We thought about how we could work together to complete a challenge. We stood in a big circle holding hands. We had to pass a hula hoop around the circle without breaking it! We knew we would only manage this if we worked together well. Mrs Jones said we make a great team!

We have thought about the human lifecycle and about part of plants. We decided to investigate the plant lifecycle so we are growing sunflowers!
We went outside to see which trees we could identify in the school grounds.
We learnt the story of the Little Red Hen and realised that she must not know how to make a sandwich. We decided to write a set of instructions for her so she could reap the rewards of her very hard work. All the children talked about computer programs and algorithms, and how our instructions for the Little Red Hen must be clear and accurate just like algorithms. We gave Mrs Jones instructions for how to make a sandwich. Some of our instructions were not very clear and Mrs Jones almost made some very silly mistakes! This helped us to understand how we could change our instructions to make sure they were like an algorithm.
We wrote our instructions for how to make a sandwich so we can send them to the Little Red Hen.
We checked our instructions worked by following them to make our own sandwiches!