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Once There Were Giants

As part of our science learning we are going to be looking at how living things grow.  We began by identifying whether something was a plant or not a plant. We had to think about the properties of living and non-living things. We also talked about the properties of plants.

We talked with our partners about the properties of each item. We also sorted one of our friends!

One of our objectives in science is to identify different plants/trees. We looked at leaves to help us decide which trees we had at school. We also learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. We know that deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn and winter, whereas evergreen trees stay green all year round!

We then did observational drawings of the leaves we collected from around school. We also did leaf rubbings which helped us to see the features of the leaves such as the veins.

We really enjoyed our trip to Carsington Water. We looked for birds in the Bird Hide, went pond dipping and mini beast hunting. We learnt a lot and had a wonderful time!

We looked at the story of the Little Red Hen in English this week. We learnt the story and produced a story map. The Little Red Hen grows wheat and makes bread.  We thought about how this links to our 'growing' topic. We then decided to write instructions for how to make a sandwich to help the Little Red Hen. To help us with this we made our own sandwiches. We realised that instructions are like algorithms that computers use (a series of precise, simple instructions given in sequence) and made sure our instructions were very clear! We then each made our own sandwich following the algorithms we wrote together! We will be using algorithms to write a computer program over the next two weeks! How exciting!

We have been coding in Computing. We learnt that computers only do what we tell them to. We use algorithms to create a program. Algorithms are instructions and they must be very clear! We even learnt how to debug a program. We love Computing!