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Once upon a time

The children were asked to bring in their favourite fairy tales. They bought in a great variety of traditional tales. During the week they shared their favourite stories with each other, identified the good and bad characters and looked at all of the repeated phrases used e.g. once upon a time.  
After sharing their favourite fairy tales, we chose the most popular fairy tale (The Three Little Pigs) and acted it out in groups. 

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Three little pigs

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The children we told of Jack (from Jack and the beanstalk) who had a problem...he had been climbing a beanstalk on his own, when he slipped and fell off. Someone came to help him, but he couldn't tell them what hurt because he didn't know what any parts of his body were called. So he was asking us if we could send him a labelled map of the body to help him. 
We have been looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood. We have read 3 versions of the story and found that each author had changed something about the story. Each ending was slightly different. The children were able to talk about each one - spotting the differences and explain which they liked the best and why. They then wrote their favourite version, remembering to use fairy tale phrases. 

The children have been learning about a famous artist named L.S. Lowry. They have learned that he had a very unique style and he was best known for painting industrial busy scenes showing matchstick men. The children have looked at and critiqued different pieces of his work. They watched a video all about his paintings and we have been listening to a song all about his life. - Video about L.S.Lowry's paintings - Matchstalk men and matckstalk cats and dogs song

The school yard by L.S. Lowry

The children have been studying the picture “The school yard” by L.S. Lowry. They noticed the bright colours that had been used for the main features of the picture. We decided to recreate the picture in the style of Lowry using media we had been exploring. The children first made a background using watercolours, looking carefully at what colours they could see. Then when that was dry, used oil pastels to add in the bold main features of the picture e.g. the school, the matchstick men and the fences. All the time looking carefully at the shapes and colours they could see. The children made a wonderful job of their Lowry pictures! Well done everyone! 
The children have been thinking about the structure of fairytales and how problems and endings of the same fairy tale can often change depending on the author. So the children have planned and written their own version of “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Snow White”. 

Fairy tale day

The children dressed up for fairy tale day - they came in fantastic costumes! We had a mixture of wolves, pigs, princesses, a Little Red Riding Hood and even a Daddy Bear. 

The children were put in groups of different characters and made new fairy tales with the characters they were dressed as. They did a great job! They were very inventive!