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Have you been using the KS2 Spanish folder? If not give it a go- there’s some fabulous videos to reinforce your  If you have, check out the new Lumen Language challenges below


They'll help you to explore different languages, while at the same time allowing you to be artistic and creative, which is great for your wellbeing! Enjoy!


Message on racism from Blue Peter | CBBC

Plus if you haven’t seen it already in our other work section, Blue Peter presenters Mwaksy, Richie, and Lindsey wanted to speak to theiraudience about racism. We want to stand together and pledge to do better at fighting...


Try the Bollywood dance challenge!


First, dance along to the video to get you moving and grooving, and give you some ideas. Then use their video as inspiration, to  create something totally wacky and unique, or just dance along. There are opportunities for sharing your dance with parents permission on social media or you could just send us a video for the website.




How are you feeling? Compile a playlist for your current mood. Your playlist should contain a minimum of 5 songs. Give your playlist a name, describe the overall vibe of your playlist and maybe think 💭 why you chose these. You could make yourself a dance routine to one and teach to your family. 

If you are feeling brave, share them on our Chatty Space blog. To listen to our happy playlist from morning work, click on the music notes below. 


  • Purple Mash- Have you had a go at our logo challenges. There is a video tutorial that explains the task clearly. The latest one is called Viking Village.  You might also want to research who the Vikings were and what happened during this fascinating period of world history.
  • The STEM website has some excellent cross curricular resources for science, maths, d&t and computing: There are also some ‘Starters for STEM’ which include great non screen activities you can do at home - see the example below.
  • Fancying a change of exercise. Try using I moves like we did during our Active Advent. Not only is there the chair mountain bike challenge, but also a wealth of strong mind exercises.

  • Derbyshire Music Hub- Access weekly music challenges 
  • Practise your sketching - use the Sketchbook Art Skills or Zentangles ideas below
  • Project - take the time away to complete a project on a subject of your choice. The outcome is up to you. If it is written, please remember the joins, spelling and punctuation. However, it can be creative e.g. a model, sculpture, painting, PowerPoint presentation etc... If you want to you could share this when we return.
  • BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons launched on Monday 20th April. There will be different lessons each day for a variety of subjects, including a video and suggested activities. This week's page has lessons for History, Geography, Science, Music and Well Being. Use this link to access the Year 5 lessons:
  • Newsround is a great resource to help you explain things to your child and keep up to date with other world and local news. 
  • Would you like to create a time capsule? Use the resource below to help.


You ask, we find! Thank you to Lacee who asked for an offline version of coding. The activity below should explore similar skills as the online Logo tasks. If you enjoy this, there’s a range of other off-screen computer tasks available on the web link below.

Try a new physical challenge

Follow the instructions for the 60 second challenges below. Check your current score against the scales and then set yourself a sensible target 🎯 for improvement. Can you achieve it?


If you enjoy these, look at the following link to find more challenges.

Staying in is the new going out!

While many attractions were closed and we had to stay in our houses and gardens, we planned a series of field trip ideas for us to share. There’s was no compulsory task. If you wish to chat about it, visit the Chatty Space blog or there is a blank postcard on Purple Mash to tell us about your trip!


Not quite so much fun this week- but certainly thought provoking. This is an uninhabited South Pacific Island 🌴 but look at the litter!