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Ready for September

Here is our class for the first few weeks. It hasn't changed much!

Hello class! 

I 'm really looking forward to seeing you all this week.  I wanted to let you know about how things will work when you return to school because there will be a few changes which we all need to get used to. Don't worry, these changes are small and most things will be just the same as they always were. 


The School Day

Our school day starts at 8.50 am and  I will meet you outside the main entrance so that we can go into class together after we have washed our hands. We will take all our belongings up to class - coats, book bags and lunch boxes. 

School ends at the normal time of 3.30pm and at this time we will go and meet parents / carers outside the main entrance to go home.

Our Classroom

Everyone will have their own space and own pack of resources with the things that you need such as pencils, glue, rubber etc. We won't be using our drawers for the time being so you will keep your bag under your chair with your snack and things in it. Please don't bring lots of things from home, just the things you need. 

Lunchtimes and Playtimes

We will still have a morning and an afternoon break but different classes will be outside at different times. We will have our own bit of the playground for now. At lunchtime the children who have sandwiches will eat in the classroom after the tables have been cleaned. School dinners will be in the hall as usual and you will be called to go in when it is your time. 

PE and Swimming

For the first few weeks there won't be any swimming until we move to our new classes. Our PE session will be on a Monday - we will be outside wherever possible so please make sure you have an appropriate kit - t-shirt, joggers and a jumper and suitable footwear.