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Our Place in the World

Our Place in the World


Did you know that Chesterfield is home to the world famous landmark the Crooked Spire?  Did you know that Chesterfield is home to one of the largest outdoor markets in Britain? Did you know that Highfield Hall Primary School was originally built as a Georgian mansion? We live in a rather special part of the United Kingdom, and this topic will allow us to find out exactly why. 


But, things are changing at Highfield Hall, with the addition of a new building and more teaching spaces. We have been asked by Dr Bywaters to find out what is happening and produce a tour of the school to explain how our school is about to change. We can't wait to find out more!

We became construction workers to measure out the new building.

Our school has lots of history. Today we have been looking at primary sources of evidence to find out more!

Our knowledge organiser explains what we will be learning this term.