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We performed a poem by Dr Seuss - Fox in Socks. It’s a real tongue twister!

Fox in Socks

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We have been enjoying reading and writing poetry this week. We loved all the rhyming, alliteration and the nonsense poems - these were perhaps our favourites so we created our very own nonsense poem as a class. 


To do this, we all decided on three categories - Person; Verb; Noun (including the article - a/the etc). We wrote lots of person ideas (he/she/mum etc) and put them in a basket. We did the same with verbs and nouns. When we had three baskets full of ideas we took in turns to pick out a word and as a class this created our poems. We loved this and it made us laugh a lot. Maybe you could have a go at home and bring your poems to school to share with your friends!


Poem 1


Otis shot some sleeping bags.

He talks to a fat dog.

Ella wrote in the bottle,

She sings in a jungle.

Hope sits on a leaf,

Kaci stops some clowns.

H jumps on a clown,

Six fishes a toilet.

Mrs Jones stands on the fat shark,

Mum draws some cake.

Edward sprints in a hat!


Poem 2


Kane  sits on a kitten,

BooEdward jumps on a pebble.

BodoFern walks on popcorn,

She jumps in a car.

Olivia ran into a cat,

she runs with a drink.

Dad sings to the cake,

He toilets the hammock.

My sister whispers to the whipped cream!


Have a go and see what you can create.