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Our Rewards System


Most teachers have their own individual ways of rewarding good work or behaviour. In addition to this we have a system used across the school which is outlined below.
House points: we have four houses- Lucas, Gill, Eyre and Markham. All pupils (from Reception upwards), staff and governors belong to a house. House points are awarded for good work or behaviour. 
Children in Year 6 can stand for election each year for House Captain. 
A cup is presented weekly to the house with the most house points, and a shield is presented to the overall winner annually. 
House Captains present a House Point Hero certificate and a House Point Champion Award monthly to the people with the most house points each month.
Medals: teachers choose up to three children in their class to receive a medal in Friday assembly for good work and/or behaviour. The children with medals also receive a certificate to keep on the same day. We ask that the medals are brought back for the assembly on the following Friday. One of those children will receive a medal based on our school values and will bring home a special certificate.
When three medals have been received a bronze certificate is given, six medals- silver, 9 medals- gold. 
The first child in each class to receive the bronze/silver/gold certificates also get a bronze, silver or gold medal to keep.
Pupil of the Month Award: each month the pupils in each class vote for a classmate to receive this award they are encouraged to choose someone who has done something particularly kind or helpful.
Headteacher’s Award: each week teachers are asked to nominate someone in the class who has done some exceptional work, one or two children are then chosen to receive this award.
At the end of the year one child in year six is voted for by all of the staff to receive the Governors’ Award for exemplary behaviour. 
At our annual Governors’ Day Certificates for Excellence are given to a few children in every class.