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Week 1 - Learning about England 


Lesson 1 - Travelling around England

Where will the postman visit today?

Today we are going to hear a story about the adventures of a postman in Exeter.

The red marker shows where the English city of Exeter is on a map.

Exeter is in Devon. You might have been to Devon on your holidays or you might know someone else who has been there. There are many beaches nearby.

What is it like being a postie?

  • Being a 'postie' isn't always easy. 
  • 'Posties' get into some tricky situations such as being attacked by pets and other animals. 
  • Being a 'postie' in England can be similar and different to being a 'postie' in other places. 
  • 'Posties' in some countries, such as South Africa, run to deliver the post because they have to cover larger areas and often meet wild animals on their way to deliver the post. 
  • Posties use all manner of vehicles to get around - bicycles, vans, etc
  • Watch the video clip and share the fact sheet below with your child to learn about a time in History when a 'postie' met a lioness on their journey. 


Read the fact sheet below

Video clip about the lioness

Still image for this video

Optional Activity - Create your own comic strip about meeting the lioness.

Explore some of the ways we can travel like different vehicles.

Go on a journey with different modes of transport, a fun and enjoyable PE Lesson for KS1 Children.

Learn some new travelling skills and gymnastic shapes.

Make sure you have a safe space to work in and a suitable surface before doing the exercises. (Adult supervision needed)

Invent some ways of travelling for yourself and explore some of ways your partner below has invented.

Learn how to dodge the lion effectively.

Lion on the Loose! - Can you use your skills to take on the lion.

Learn how to calm yourself and cool down in tricky situations




Week 2 - Learning about Wales

Lesson 2 - Wales has many mountains

Key facts to share with your child. 

  • Today we are going to travel to Wales. 
  • Wales has a lot of mountains.
  • One very famous mountain in Wales is Snowdon. 
  • Posties need to stay fit and healthy because they have to walk a long way. 
  • Exercise helps us to stay fit and heathy.
  • There are people in our community who help to keep us safe and healthy such as doctors, nurses, mountain rescue teams etc. 
  • Clog dancing is a famous tradition in Wales and form of exercise. 


PE Warm-up - Andy's Wild Workout

PE Main Activity - Mountain Climbers

PE - Cool down - Mountain Climbers Well-being Activity

Learn about Clogs and Clog Dancing in Wales

Introduction to Clog Dancing

Learn the basics with professional clog dancer Grace Smith.

Clog Dancing Tutorial 2

Extremely challenging - Try out some of the moves in the clip