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We like to be active. We are improving our stamina and fitness by running every day. The children love their morning run! It is very good for us to be physically active - it helps our minds in addition to our bodies!
We have been learning about different ways to travel. We can travel high, or low. We can make wide shapes, tall shapes, narrow shapes or short shapes. We have used what we learnt earlier in the term to travel in a variety of ways over, across and under different PE equipment. We had to think about being safe using the equipment. 

Travelling over, under and across equipment.

Still image for this video
We have been learning some of the skills we will need for playing tennis. We have learnt the ‘ready position’ and how to control a ball. We have also learnt how to hold a tennis racquet properly. 
Year 1 went to an agility skills event. We competed many different activities designed to develop our skills. We had lots of fun!
In addition to being active in our PE lessons, we have been learning new dances on GoNoodle!
We enjoyed a tennis roadshow today. We learned skills that helped us be able to send and receive the ball. Our coach was impressed with how well we controlled the ball.