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In PE we are focusing on personal skills alongside a fundamental movement skill focus - such as balancing/coordination. Our learning is focused around 6 multi-ability cogs which will support our children’s developing personal and inter-personal skills. These are: Personal; Social; Cognitive; Creative; Physical and Health and Fitness. Developing these areas alongside our physical skills will support our children in improving their resilience, respect, self-esteem and confidence, not just in PE but in all areas. 



First we warm up...


Today we were weaving in and out of the spots and each other, thinking about space. 


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We then introduced a silent traffic light signal: Green for weaving, Amber for jump onto a spot, Red for freeze!


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Next, when we saw the silent amber signal we had to create a counter balance using the number of people indicated by the teacher!


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Then we we practiced this week’s skill of jumping in different directions with 2 feet, with control and balance.


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After lots of practice, we applied our skill in a game. We competed against a partner to see who could get the furthest with 3 jumps, marking where we got to with a spot, before comparing with our partner. We varied our type of jump to see if this made a difference. 


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Our focus for this lesson was social skills. Our objective was to work sensibly with others, take turns and share and to praise our friends’ efforts/achievements. Our cool down was to weave in and out of our friends, doing a ‘tap and congrat’ - tapping others and praising their work from the lesson.


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