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PE (Friday)

Week 1 -Activity 1 - Do Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Fitness

Activity 2  - Play a PE version of ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’.  

1. Ask a grown-up or sibling to be the Big bad Wolf.

2. They should stand with their back to the other player(s) who need to stand at the other end of the room or play area. 

3. The players call out, "WHAT TIME IS IT, MR. WOLF?"

4. The wolf shouts out an exercise for players to do rather than a time (as played in the normal version) such as do 10 bunny hops, 4 jumps, 2 star jumps, balance on one leg for 5 seconds etc.

5. Once the player has done them all they may take a step forward. 

6. Once the players get close to Mr. Wolf, he shouts LUNCH TIME! and chases them back to the start line.

Note - If you don't have space for chasing, you could shout "LUNCH TIME! then spin around" and the player has to freeze. If they are moving, send them back to the start.  

7. If the player reaches the other side they get a turn at being the wolf. 


Idea, adapted from   





Week 2 - Activity 1 - Have a go at dragon yoga

Activity 2 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs learn life skills

Snow White has a problem. She has been trying to help the Seven Dwarfs get to work on time. Sleepy keeps waking up late and is nearly always late for work. She has been teaching them about how balancing can help them to get dressed quickly in the mornings. 


Her top tips are:

  • Keep your head up and still.
  • Keep your tummy tight.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Keep working on this task yourself. 
  • Try several times if at first you don’t succeed.
  • Be proud of yourself.


1. In a safe space where you cannot fall into anything, practice balancing on one foot. 

2. Can you balance on your left foot? Have a few tries. Count how long you can hold it for?  Try and beat your personal best? 

3. Can you balance on your right foot? Have a few tries. Count how long you can hold it for and try and beat your personal best?

4. Once you can do this, practice standing still on one leg and  lifting your welly, foot into a shoe, sock or trouser leg. Shoes, socks and pants are brilliant for helping you with your balance. 


Snow White said that they will know they can do this properly when:

  • their standing foot is still.
  • their non-standing foot is off the floor
  • they hardly wobble at all when they do it


How did you do?