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PE (To do when you choose)

Week 1 (22.1.21)

Lesson 1 - The Gingerbread Man Dance Workout

You will be asked to find 4 small objects in this session - e.g. 4 socks.
If you are in school you could use 4 scrunched up balls of scrap paper instead of socks.

The Gingerbread Man: Additional Activity

An extra activity to explore children's ways of moving at different speeds using actions of the Gingerbread Man.


Activity 3 - Gingerbread Man Yoga

The Gingerbread man will show you which moves to do. 
When he disappears, jog along on the spot. 

Gingerbread Man: Yoga Version from the album "Anna and the Cupcakes"

Week 2 (29.1.21)

Lesson 2


Warm up -  


Activity 1 - You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man

Can you work as quickly as the Gingerbread man and beat the wall?
You will need a few sheets of paper and a pencil.
If you are in school, you could chalk the numbers on the wall or fence.

Activity 2 - Run on the spot and dodge/jump when you meet obstacles.

Activity 3 - Can you get teach Gingerbread man how to cross the river using the lily pads?

This activity will help you with your jumping, balance and coordination.
You will need cushions or pillows for this session.

Activity 4 - Can you find other ways to cross?

Gingerbread people travel on 2 legs but foxes travel on 4 legs. Explore travelling both ways.

This activity will help your child's flexibility, coordination and most importantly balance.
You will need socks and gloves.

Screen free ideas

Take it in turns to choose a 'Fairy Tale Action Card'. 

Act out what it says on it. 

Encourage lots of movement and drama.



Coming Soon...

Guidance on using Real PE (Jasmine Active) at Home