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Mrs Jones' class do PE every Wednesday morning.  For health and safety reasons, we ask that children's hair be tied up and earrings must be taped or removed.


We stretch our bodies at the beginning of each PE lesson to make sure our muscles are ready for the exercise. We know this is important so we don't hurt ourselves.

We are pretending to get ready for school. We stretch our arms up high to 'put on our t-shirts' and crouch down low to 'pull on our trousers'. We make sure we stretch all our muscles!

After stretching, we warm up further by moving gradually faster and increasing our heart rate. We love to play follow-the-leader to do this. We all have to copy the person at the front of the line. We walk, skip, jump and move our bodies to raise our heart rate.

Follow the leader helps us to warm up ready for PE.

Clock in the tower

We linked our maths to PE by playing Clock in the Tower. Each pair is a number on the face of the clock. We then run around the 'clock' to get to the 'tower' before our partner.

Beat the Ball

As part of our focus on athletics we have also been playing Beat the Ball. We have to pass the ball around the circle. The person who starts the passing has to run around the circle and get back to their place before the ball gets that far! We have to pass the ball fast and the runner has to run as fast as they can to Beat the Ball. We play this in large circles and small circles.

We understand the importance of cooling down after exercise. We know that we have to cool down to make sure our muscles don't hurt.