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Monster Phonics Webinar /Workshop

This is our workshop for parents. It will help you to understand phonics and explains all about Monster Phonics helps support your child's learning.

Please note-there is no sound for 40 seconds. It's not your volume controls!

We use Monster Phonics in school, for more information on how this is taught please see the link below: 



You can still use other websites and resources to help your child's developing phonic knowledge and skills. A really useful website is where your child can play lots of blending and segmenting games that they really enjoy.


Please practise your child's spellings each week, these can be found in their Monster Phonics spelling book and will be tested each Wednesday.


In addition, it is really helpful if children know how to spell a range of common exception or 'tricky words'. These songs are a fun way of helping your child remember the common spellings they will use regularly in their writing.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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