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Learning about consonant blends

Information for parents 


If you would like additional phonics, you could also help your child learn to pronounce/say consonant blends. 


  • Some consonant blends typically appear at the end of words e.g. lf comes at the end of shelf but isn't typically found at the start of words.


  • Some consonant blends are typically found at the start of words such as br in the word bright but this blend isn't found at the end of a word. 


  • Some consonant blends are commonly found in various positions within a word. e.g. st can be found at the end of the word first or at the start of the word star. It can also be found in the middle of master


Find out more about what they are using the clips below.


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Here are all of the blends and clusters your child will need in Y1 and the pronunciation of each of them.