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We do daily discrete phonics lessons in Year 1. We also use phonics throughout our reading and writing - blending and segmenting using the sounds already taught.


We use the website Phonics Play to consolidate what the children have learnt.


We learn new sounds in lessons. We write them, read them, stamp them and shout them! We learn new words and what they mean too. Every lesson we use our new sound and a tricky word in a sentence. At the end of lessons we see how many we can remember and sound out. We love phonics!



We work hard on our letter formation during phonics and handwriting lessons. We do handwriting in lots of different ways as well as in our handwriting books - with chalk outside, in the air and even on each others' backs! Hard work can still be lots of fun!
We love to play games where we have to use our phonics to blend and segment words.