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Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok. I thought it would be nice if we could share some of the things we are doing whilst we are not at school. If you would like to send any photos to myself or Mrs Smith then we will add them to this page.

Happy Half Term from the Smiths


Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since we added any photos so as I didn’t join in this week’s staff challenge I decided to raid my gallery so you could see what we’ve been up to. 

So in addition to planning, marking and sharing your work (thank you to all of you who have been sending it- I do love 💕 reading it or in the case of Adam’s recipe suggestion eating it), I have been continuing to homeschool my daughter. She loves reading and has set up her own reading corner. She’s not as confident with maths but we’re developing her growth mindset. She’s had a go at her first nrich problem. We try to find fun ways of practising those key spellings. You could have a go at those last few tricky words with a water pistol 🔫 , sponge 🧽  or nerf gun.  She’s also surprising me with new ideas- she decided she was going to be an archaeologist and go searching for artefacts in the vegetable patch.

We made sure we are keeping active. We’ve been enjoying the bluebells in our local woods and took our first trip out to a countryside beauty spot. We were lucky it wasn’t busy and made sure we kept a safe distance from the other groups enjoying it too. Keep safe and keep smiling love Mrs Smith 🌈

P.S. Please send in photos of what you’ve been up to add to this page. We’d love to see!


Photos from friends

Hello from Mrs Walker


Hi everyone! How are you all?
I am missing you all so so much! 
Are you missing school? And if you are.. I bet you never thought you'd say that! 
Even if you are missing school a little bit (or just your friends) I bet you are making some wonderful memories at home too! 
I have spoken to a few of you through email which has been lovely.. our class video is looking fantastic! I hope you love it as much as I do (it made Mrs Allsop emotional 🙈) I love seeing what you've all been up to! 
Mr Walker, Mila and myself are enjoying our time together; we are baking, going on walks and doing crafty things mostly. The weather has been beautiful and Mila has a new bike so is learning how to ride that! But we are also watching a fair few Disney films.. because, as some of you may know, I'm a bit of a Disney fan 🙈 I also had a quiz night with some of my friends; do you recognise any of them? Maybe you could do something similar with your friends.. it was lots of fun! 
Have you managed to be awake for the Thursday clap for the NHS? I look forward to it every week; Mila has joined in once as she is usually in bed by then! 
My jobs for this week are to paint my garden fence (pretty boring!) and get rid of the many nettles on my back garden (very boring!!). I hope you have more exciting plans than me! 
I look forward to seeing you all again, but until then.. stay safe 🌈 and stay happy ☀️ 
Love Mrs Walker xxx



Hello from Mrs Charlesworth

Hello everyone,


It is very strange not seeing you each week.  I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you all – lots – and hoping that you and your families are keeping well. 

I wonder what you are doing:  Are you going out into the sunshine to play or for a walk?  Are you getting along with your brothers and sisters (if you have any)?  Are you bored? Most of all I am hoping that you are happy and coping with this difficult situation.

On the days that I have been in school I have seen a few of you, which was lovely.

How have I been spending my time? Apart from my usual chores, I have done some decorating and lots of gardening. For pleasure I have been reading (I love to read); I have been watching the birds and butterflies in my garden; I have been taking my dog out for a walk; I have been catching up on a few TV programmes and films that I have been wanting to watch; There are two hedgehogs that visit my garden every night and I have put out a camera trap to record them. It also filmed a vixen (female fox), and a badger; I am also knitting some baby blankets for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

I hope that you are finding fun things to do and helping your families by being kind and helpful. I am looking forward to when we can meet again.

Be happy, be kind, and be safe.

Lots of love from Mrs Charlesworth xx


The Easter Holidays


Back to the sunny weather!  Although saying that, to be honest some days we just haven’t felt like playing out as much. At times, we have all felt a little bit bored and a little bit fed up. We have still had fun in between and of course there’s been lots to celebrate too  🎉. In addition to Easter where Lauren prepared an Easter 🐣 Egg 🥚 hunt for her Daddy, we also had a special birthday 🎂 to celebrate- Lauren turned 5 years old. We had a picnic on the front lawn. Keep smiling! We’re smiling back at you!

P.s. Lauren’s planning to make a superhero comic. Watch out for her work soon. Could you have a go aswell? Remember to share them for our website!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely, chocolate filled Easter! William and Freya enjoyed their Easter egg hunt (although I'm not sure Freya really knew what was going on!). We also made Easter cards to send to some of our friends and family who we are really missing. Keeping with the creative theme William wanted to make a rocket out of junk modelling - he is very proud of the finished product! We had a lego day when the weather was not so nice and made a Toy Story roller coaster!

Over the weekend we had a bit of excitement when a baby squirrel appeared on our patio! It was extremely tame and wanted to come inside the house. We were worried our cat might try to catch it so we caught it in a box and took it to the woods behind our house. 1 hour later he was back again and so we have named him Cyril and are keeping an eye out for him when we are out in the garden!

Stay safe everyone and remember to email your photos if you would like to share what you have been doing on this page smiley

Week 2

The weather hasn’t been quite as nice this week but the Smiths have still tried to make the best of it. We are lucky to live near a wildlife area so we have had fun bird 🐦 spotting and listening to the different bird songs. We also took opportunity to play Pooh sticks- a family favourite. Lauren is keeping me very busy and keeping up with her learning. She made a pretend 👞 shoe shop 👠 . We got her parents evening report “ Lauren’s thirst for learning is inspiring!” (her teachers). To celebrate her grandparents in France sent her a gift. As we couldn’t go to the burger 🍔 shop, we made a ‘Mamie and Papy meal’ with her surprise inside. We’re trying to do small kind things for each other and finding fun in the little things! Even photobombing when I was trying to take a picture for the website....

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 

P.S. Don’t forget our virtual field trips- this holidays it’s Easter Island. As I type this, Lauren is at Chester Zoo with her daddy, watching the Black Rhinos!

Week 1



In the Allsop house this week we have been enjoying the lovely weather - lots of bike riding in the garden! We've also played football (Mr Allsop was not very good in goal!) and have also been for a walk looking for rainbows - we counted 19! We then painted a rainbow to put in our window.

William has been getting creative making Paw Patrol figures out of kinetic sand and creating vehicles using magformer magnets. We also set up an obstacle course to encourage baby Freya to crawl! Finally William has been playing doctor and dressing up as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk - we planted our own beanstalk and are going to see how tall it grows!

The Smiths have been keeping busy too. As we’ve been “Stay at Home Superheroes”, like many of you, we have been making the most of our garden during the sunny spell. ☀️ In the garden, we have planted pea seeds 🍃, designed a prize winning rocket 🚀, played lots of games and at times just been silly! 🤪

Inside we’ve been exercising our brain muscles 🧠,  completing some of the tasks set by Lauren’s school. She’s top of her class on Ed Shed🥇 (Look at the league table to see who is in our class!), read lots of books 📚, done lots of measuring 📏, been creative and played board games. Lauren is winning too many times for my liking. 🎲

For exercising Lauren has been out on her scooter 🛴 and we’ve been rainbow spotting too🌈.

Sorry there’s no pictures of Mr. Smith he’s here with us too (working from home)🖥. We will add him next week. 

Hope you are keeping busy and having lots of fun too. 

love Mrs Smith ❤️