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The children made their own hats for pirate day! They all looked fantastic! What a great crew you have been!

What fantastic costumes and homemade hats for Pirate day!

Floating and sinking


The children thought about the purpose of a pirate ship and realised that a good ship would need to stay afloat on the water - unlike some of the stories pirate stories we have been reading. So their challenge today was to make a boat which would float on water. We then thought about what would help their ship not to sink their suggested that it should be light and not heavy. Once they had made and decorated their ships (they chose what to make their ship out of) - we then tested them and came up with possible reasons why they may have sank or floated. 


"Mine has tipped over to the side - 'cause I put too much on this side, I needed something else on the other side to make it equal"


"Mine is floating because I didn't put much on it"


"It is sinking" - "'casue it has a crack in it and the water is getting in i could fix it with some tape"



BeeBots - Using instructions to help the BeeBot find treasure

Miss Holden's Class All At Sea trailer

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The children have been reading "Class Three All At Sea" by Julia Jarman. This week we have been practising retelling the story through role play.

Miss Holden's Class All At Sea movie!

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The children made their own sequence of pirate moves - which all ended with them walking the plank!

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