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Our first topic is Pirates! We have been looking at maps in geography. We found our school and some of the roads we live on. We looked at places we used to live like London and France. We talked about the different types of maps there are and what they might be used for. We compared maps of the world, our country and a city. We looked at big maps and small maps. We said that pirates use maps to find treasure and help them sail their ships to islands.
We have been using all areas of our classroom in our learning. After our geography lesson we used the continuous provision to choose how to extend our learning. We drew maps, read maps in the role play area, dressed as pirates, used the small world pirate ship, read books and completed many other learning activities.
We dressed up as pirates for Pirate Day at the end of our topic. We think we looked fantastic!
We went on a treasure hunt, took a Beebot on a treasure hunt and did lots of yummy maths! We had a brilliant Pirate Day!