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This week we learnt about a famous pirate called Blackbeard. We listened carefully to a character description and visualised Blackbeard for ourselves from what we had heard. 


We sketched him first then chose paint, collage or charcoal to complete our portrait. 


Our aim was not to create the perfect portrait but to capture what we had learnt about Blackbeard and enjoy experimenting with different materials.


We were encouraged to stop to consider which colours, materials or marks would communicate adjectives like:

  • wiry
  • bushy
  • smoky
  • twisty
  • wavy
  • evil
  • beady
  • rotten
  • dark
  • yellow
  • black
  • giant
  • bloodshot
  • pointy
  • wobbly
  • vicious
  • fierce
  • cone-shaped
  • hurtful
  • tough 


Picture 1 I captured how hairy Blackbeard was.
Picture 2 I tried different marks when filling the areas.
Picture 3 I loved experimenting with charcoal rubbings.
Picture 4 I did 2 layers on the face to make it smooth.
Picture 5 I used colour to make him look scary.
Picture 6 I captured his rotten teeth and beady eyes.
Picture 7 I chose materials that fit my intention.
Picture 8 I used lines to capture his wavy beard.
Picture 9 I created a smooth finish with my brush.
Picture 10 I captured the smoke clouds from the gun powder.
Picture 11 I created a wiry beard with contrasting seeds.
Picture 12 I used lines to show the movement of the smoke