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Plastic-free July

​The ​BBC programme Blue Planet 2​ ( sparked ​an outcry about the health of our oceans and the huge threat caused by plastics, but lots of people around the world are working hard to help solve this problem.


Read about Madison Edwards​, a 12 year old environmental activist. (


Do your bit to help preserve our oceans by asking them to keep a ‘​plastic diary​’ recording how much single-use plastic the family uses. As a family choose one thing you will do to use less plastic.

Find out more using these links

BBC Newsround: What is the problem with plastic?

Choose your Plastic Free July

Every year millions of people around the globe take part in the Plastic Free July challenge, choosing to refuse single-use plastics and drastically reducing ...

Virtual Visit

Not as much fun as some previous week’s but links with our theme this week. Compare the scenes with the oceans we shared in an earlier week.

Plastics in our ocean:

Ocean dive:

Differentiated task ideas for use with source information (ideas useable without a printer).

Plastic pollution research questions


Use the PowerPoint above or websites below to find out more about plastic pollution in specific countries.

(United States of America, Australia, China, Canada, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, India, Spain, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany)


What country are you researching?

Which continent is it in?

What is the flag?

What is the population?

What is the capital city?

Which is the closest ocean or sea?

Which famous people come from there?

Does the country have any famous landmarks?

How does plastic pollution affect the country?

How much plastic waste does it produce each year?

How does the country deal with plastic pollution?

What other things could they put in place to help solve the problem of plastic pollution?