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Pod 6

Festival of colours

Keith Haring inspired art! No graffiti here...

Negative Symmetry

Hello Pod 6ers! 

I'm Miss Sullivan and I will be teaching Pod 6 for the next few weeks. Pod leader! Head Pod! That's me! 

Things are going to be different.  But that's ok. They are different for me, too. We can do this together, as a pod team! 


Our POD HQ will be Mr. Gruffydd's classroom. It's SO BIG!

You will have your own table, your own pencils, rubber, pens, laptop but we still be able to work together and have some fun. 

Here's what it looks like so you know what to expect when you come to school. 

I know the classroom looks different, but hopefully the weather will be nice and we can spend time outside learning as much as possible. We will have to stick together as a pod, as a team, even when we are outdoors. This is to keep us safe. 

Pod 6ers! I’m ready! Are you? I can’t wait to see you all 😁 Love, Miss Sullivan

Still image for this video