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Pod 7

Hello Pod 7!

Mrs Allsop and Mr Gruffydd will be your class teachers this half term and we are really looking forward to seeing you all again!

Your teachers

Mrs Allsop will be teaching you on Monday and Tuesday.

Mr Gruffydd will be teaching you on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

We will be working from Mrs Allsop's room and we have had to make some changes so that we all have space to work and learn in our classroom. There is a photo of our classroom below to show you what to expect when you join us in school. 


You will each have your own table and your own stationery pack, which will contain: pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, glue, colouring pencils and felt tip pens - only you will use this equipment and it will stay on your table. 


When you arrive at school each day, please bring everything you have brought to school with you into the classroom and place all items under your table.


Hopefully, we'll have more good weather and we can spend lots of time doing learning outside.


Enjoy the sunshine and we'll see you soon!