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Pod 8

A warm welcome to pod 8 

This is the pod where the Year 6 keyworker children will spend their time in school. We will be known as Pod 8.

I know it might feel strange and different when we return next week but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun and enjoy our time in school.

We cant wait to see you!


Mrs Ross will be in working in the pod Tues - Fri and Mrs Wood will be with you on a Monday


This is what the classroom now looks like. You will be assigned a table, which will then become yours. You will be given your own stationery pack, which will contain: pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, glue, colouring pencils and felt tip pens - only you will use this equipment and it will stay on your table. 


In a morning you will bring the items that you have brought to school with you into the classroom and place them under your table e.g. coat, water bottle, sun cream and packed lunch. 


I know the classroom doesn't look as inviting as it usually does but we will be able to spend as much time as we can outdoors - we won't be at our desks all day!


During the next half term, we will be staying as a pod together (we like to think a little pod family!) unfortunately we can not mix with another pod/ or children from another pod.