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We have been talking about friendships in our PSHE/circle times this term.   To finish off our topic we wrote a recipe for ‘how to be a good friend’ and a recipe for ‘how to make up with a friend if you fall out.’   Everyone in the class wrote an ingredients to add to our bowls.   

Mary Seacole

For Black History week we learnt about an amazing woman called Mary Seacole. We looked at what qualities Mary had and decided that she was: kind, determined and courageous and thought about what we could learn from her story. We then looked at pictures of hospitals in the past, like the sort Mary would have set up and compared them to hospitals now.

Hospitals then and now

Bucket filling

As it is mental health awareness week/day we thought about filling our and others' buckets. We read the story "Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud" and thought about how to be a bucket filler father than a bucket dipper. throughout the day the children were tasked with writing/ drawing a message for a friend to fill their bucket.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

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Filling up your bucket