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RE (Monday)

Week 1 - What does Snow White have in common with the Prophet Muhammad?


Snow White loved animals, nature and wildlife. She also set a good example to others and helped them to learn how to live well. 


The story we will learn today is about the Prophet called Muhammed. He is a leader for Muslim believers. We are going to find out how he set an example to others and how he helps Muslims to live well. 


What are we learning to do?

  • Retell a story about Allah and Prophet Muhammad

  • Say why Muslims try to follow Muhammad and why they have great respect for him


Key facts to share with your child

  • Prophet Muhammad is such a special leader that he has over 1.5 billion followers who respect him, all over the world.
  • People have followed his teaching for over 1400 years!
  • More than 1400 years ago he taught all Muslim people how to follow God.
  • He is so special that when Muslims talk about him, when they say his name they say ‘Peace be upon him’.
  • When they write his name they put the letters ‘PBUH’ after his name. (Your child could write the letters downwards and the words across to remind them or they could sound out each word using their Phonics). 


The Story

Tell the story (Look in your pack or find it attached in the document below) Here is a quick summary for you before you tell it. 


One day when  he went into his house he saw his cat sleeping with her kittens on the cloak which he wanted to wear. Rather than disturb it Muhammad cut off the end of the cloak on which the cat was sleeping and wrapped what remained around his own shoulders.


Point out that Muslims make no pictures of the Prophet so you won't see him in the story but you will hear about him. 


Explain that the message which the Prophet Muhammad preached was that there was only one God. 

Explain that he also said that man should be kind to one another, especially to orphans, widows and animals.


Say Muhammed cared about living things.

Ask - Do you think cutting the cloth was the right choice? Why? Why not?

Ask - Have you ever had to move out of the way because an animal was blocking your way? What did you do or what would you do? Why? Did you mind?

Ask - Can you think of any people you know who is kind to animals?

Ask - How do you know they care about animals? How does it show?

Ask - How can you be caring?

Ask - What do you think about caring for animals?



Ask what difference this story could make to how a Muslim person lives their life?

Ask What might they choose to do after hearing the story?

Write or draw how you could be caring on a piece of paper or on the worksheet with the cat in the middle. 


Week 2 - What stories did The Prophet Tell and what do they teach Muslims?


What am I learning to do?

  • Retell a story about Allah and Prophet Muhammad
  • Say why Muslims try to follow Muhammad and have great respect for him


Key facts to share


Story - The Tiny Ants


The Prophet cared for all Allah’s creation (the story of the tiny ants).

Discuss ways that we care for all creatures from the smallest to the largest, for example feeding our pets. 

Perhaps you could show your grown up how you could care for creatures using your toys or stuffed animals.