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Children are encouraged to read at home at least 3 times per week and are rewarded for each time they read to an adult at home. Our class has Reading Island. For each time they read, they move one ‘jump’ across the island towards the treasure. When they reach the treasure they get a prize and then start again!
We do Guided Reading daily in Year 2. We are working on Super Reader skills such as visualising, questioning and summarising.
We listened to a story starter and used clues we heard to visualise what might be happening in the story.
During another lesson, we looked at the picture linked to the text in greater detail, discussing it as a class. We created a book talk grid of our thoughts and questions. We talked about links we have (text to text - books we have read/films we have seen; text to self - things we have done/experienced ourselves; text to world - things we know or have seen others do) and the things we liked or disliked.  We then went to the table and worked in groups to create a book talk grid of our own!
Super Readers Break down and Repair a text to make sure they understand it. We looked at the class text and read it together. We thought carefully and identified the words we were unsure of. We circled the words and then put our ideas together to make sure we all understood. We found other words or phrases which could be used so the text made sense to all of us. We wrote these in our Guided Reading books. 
We love to share books with a friend and talk about the parts we enjoy!