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Introduction to Fairy Tales and Traditional Tales 

People told traditional tales aloud to their children around the fire or at bedtime for a long, long time. Later some authors started to write down some of the stories. One famous French author was Charles Perrault. He is famous because he wrote his stories down so that people could enjoy them for a long time and added some extra details. 




In stories such as these you will often find...


  • They start with once upon a time…  or Long age....
  • They often have characters such as kings or queens 
  • They take place in far away lands or forests or the countryside. 
  • They often contain magic. 
  • They have heroes and villains (good and bad characters)
  • They have talking animals or animals that behave like humans 
  • The characters have unusual names
  • They often have numbers like 3 or 7
  • They end with happily ever after or have happy endings. 




Why not read some fairy tales and traditional tales of your own and spot some of these features together. 


Stories by Perrault


Little Tom Thumb


Little Red Riding Hood 


The Elves and the Shoemaker


Beauty and the Beast

Vocabulary - Once Upon a Time

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Jack and the Beanstalk Story | Jack and the Beanstalk Traditional Tale

Not all stories are traditional. 

You might also bump into fractured fairy tales and fixed fairy tales (Fairy tales that have been modernised or include a twist or do not end the way you expect.

Follow the link below to hear a twist on the three little pigs. 



The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

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Hi Guys, today we read the story: My Granny is a Pirate by Val McDermid and Arthur Robins. Order your copy of this fun book here: This way we can learn to read together and help support the author too! 'Read Storybooks with Me' aims to help children develop their reading skills and improve their spoken English.

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Audio Children's story "BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE" is to learn or help sleep. These kid's stories belong to the Android App and iOS "Blue Planets Tales" that you can download below.

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