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Autumn 1

We have been reading the book "Nothing" by Mike Inkpen.

The children have been being super readers this week. They have tried really hard at building up a picture in their mind. They have begun to visualize what the character "Nothing" might be. Some children thought "Nothing" might be a Tiger. Some though he might be a cat. 

The children then looked at pieces of the text and together we found words they were not sure of and found the definitions. Just like super readers would!

The children have started to ask questions  e.g. "I wonder where the cat in the story has come from, or is he lost?". 

We have made a great start on becoming super readers!


Autumn 2


We have been reading Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. 


The children have been listening to the text from chapter one and have been trying to visualise what is happening. They have responded by drawing the picture that they have in their head on paper. 

A visualisation of:

“Suddenly, Scrooge’s bed curtains were drawn aside, and he found himself staring at a strange figure. It had the hair of an old man, and the face of a young child. It was wearing a white tunic decorated with summer flowers. A bright jet of light shone from its head. The figure held a cone-shaped cap.”

The children have also been learning to find the gist of the story. This week they have tried to write a summery/gist of the first chapter of the Christmas Carol. Here is an example.