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We are working hard to improve our reading in Year 1. We have a wonderful volunteer who reads 1:1 with the children once a week. We read as morning work 3 times a week and also have Guided Reading lessons daily. 

During Guided Reading we read both as a whole class and in groups with a teacher to guide our developing skills, and we complete comprehension activities. Children will also read with a TA or teacher during the week.

Whenever a child reads to their grown-ups at home it should be written in their Reading Record. We then count up how many times each child has read in a week so we can update our Reading Island every Friday. Each recorded read is one jump on Reading Island. The children work their way to treasure and once they have reached treasure they start again. This really helps to motivate the children to read regularly at home! 
Sometimes children like to bring in their favourite story to share with their classmates. Usually the teacher will read the book but occasionally children like to read the book themselves. We were recently treated to a story by one of our classmates. What an amazing storyteller she is! We really enjoyed this book and would like to read more by the same author.
In Guided Reading we have been working on our comprehension skills. During a recent lesson we looked at some poetry and were thinking about the author’s use of language. We went outside to help us really understand what the poet meant in this stanza. We thought the leaves looked like lace from underneath too! We enjoyed the poem and thought it made us feel happy.
Wow what a fantastic book. The Mouse who Lost her Squeak was beautifully read too!

Thank you, too for our extra story today about Moody Margaret.

We love it when our friends bring their favourite books to share with us. What a fantastic way to discover new books and authors!
It’s been so hot, we decided to have our story time outside. One of the children brought a book to read to us so she sat in the story chair and read us The Everywhere Bear. We loved it!