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Ready For September!

This page is here to help get you and your little one get ready to come back to Nursery in September. Lots of things are the same. Some things are a little different.

Looking at this page together will help you all to feel safe and ready, and seeing familiar things and faces will help with any anxiety about returning.

I will keep adding to this page so make sure you keep taking a peek!


At the beginning of the sessions you will wait with your child at the back of Nursery, and your child will be collected by one of us and come in to Nursery through the back door. Grown ups are not yet allowed to come into the building, so prepare your child for saying goodbye outside.

Once they enter Nursery they will be taken to wash their hands. We wash hands a lot! Please practise good hand washing routines with your children at home. I will post a video on here soon of the hand washing song.


We are NOT expecting our Nursery children to be socially distant from us or from each other. We are keeping safe through

  • lots of hand washing
  • regular cleaning of resources and surfaces
  • keeping the Nursery ventilated
  • playing outside as much as possible


Our Nursery


You will still have your coat pegs with your photo on.
We will still come to the carpet for Welcome Time to dance, count how many children and choose a leader.
The construction area has moved! We still have lots of wooden blocks and small world to play with.
The writing area is still in the same place with lots of things to write, colour, draw, cut and stick with.
The water area has stayed the same. The water will have bubbles in!
We will still be sharing our favourite books together.
We have a creative table near the pegs, where we can paint, stick and create lovely art work.
The play dough table is still there. We all have our own pot of play dough with our name on. We have to remember to put it away when we've finished playing.
We have some maths activities near the carpet
Here is the new home corner...