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Welcome to our Reception Home Learning page

Daily Suggested Timetable

Please find below a suggested daily timetable. Reception children at this stage in the year, only do short, sharp focussed activities for about 10-15 mins at a time. Please allow for lots of free play in between learning activities.


  • 9am - Start your day with WAKE & SHAKE by choosing an action song to join in with or Joe Wicks 5 minute move. Please click on the icons to choose.



  • Morning session - 9.10am - Join us on Teams for our daily Phonics session. 
  • Click on the weekly icon below for daily learning activities. 
  • Complete the daily PHONICS & HANDWRITING activity.
  • Watch the MATHS video and complete the daily task.
  • Make sure you have plenty of time to play in between and eat a healthy snack.  




  • Afternoon session - Complete a TOPIC, CREATIVE or P.E. session of your choice from the suggested activities.
  • STORYTIME - 3pm - Join us on Teams for our daily Story or choose one of the stories read by the Reception teachers here...

Please email us to ask any questions regarding the learning activities set.